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Best Blunt Wraps – Everything You Need To Know and Top 5 with Reviews

Amongst all the different methods of consuming weed, there’s simply something iconic about taking a hit of herb from a nicely wrapped, fat blunt. These marijuana cigars are known to pack a potent high with a touch of tobacco for an even stronger effect. From celebrities to common marijuana enthusiasts, blunts are a classic way […]

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Is Marijuana Addictive? Everything In One Place – Addiction, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

If you’ve ever been around a first-time smoker, you’ve probably been asked the question, “is marijuana addictive”. For those unfamiliar with the plant-based drug, this is a fair question, and, in fact, it is probably one you’ve asked at some point or another. Understanding the addictiveness of marijuana, especially in comparison to other drugs or […]

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