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Synthetic Marijuana – What Is It, How It’s Made, Benefits, Effects, Addictiveness and More

A relatively new drug on the street, synthetic marijuana takes the natural powers of cannabis and enhances them with intensities that can only be achieved through synthetic lab processes. This powerful drug usually offers greater highs than organic strands of marijuana, but it also offers increased health risks as well. Though synthetic marijuana is intended […]

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Is Marijuana Addictive? Everything In One Place – Addiction, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

If you’ve ever been around a first-time smoker, you’ve probably been asked the question, “is marijuana addictive”. For those unfamiliar with the plant-based drug, this is a fair question, and, in fact, it is probably one you’ve asked at some point or another. Understanding the addictiveness of marijuana, especially in comparison to other drugs or […]

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