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What Happens If You Eat Weed?

What Happens If You Eat Weed

The debate over whether you can eat raw weed to get high has been raging on for years, and both sides have some pretty compelling arguments to support their claims. Rather than get involved in one of those heated debates, it is time to shed some real light on this subject and finally give you some […]

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How To Dab and What is Dabbing?

How To Dab and What is Dabbing

Never let it be said that cannabis smokers are not innovators because they have discovered yet another way to get high by ingesting their weed in highly concentrated forms. Known as dabbing, weed smokers will utilize butane oil to increase the potency in their hits. The dab is nothing more than a hard wax-like concentration […]

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Does Weed Go Bad?

Does weed go bad

One question about marijuana seems to be more common than just about all others. The answer concerning does weed go bad might appear complex on the surface, but the bottom line is absolutely yes, it does degrade in quality over time. The dried cannabis is just like any dried herb, it will begin to lose […]

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5 Well Know Health Benefits Of Marijuana

5 Well Know Health Benefits Of Marijuana

Regardless your opinion on the smoking of marijuana, amazing medical positive properties are getting global recognition. There are many dreaded conditions that are now being treated by marijuana that are producing some very impressive results. The majority of the American public is quite uninformed concerning the shockingly amazing health benefits of marijuana. Here are just […]

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8 Different Ways to Smoke Weed

8 different ways to smoke weed

There are hundreds of different ways to smoke marijuana, in fact there are probably more things to smoke weed out of than there are ways to smoke your stash. The crafty stoner can make a smoking device out of just about any fruit, vegetable, or common household item. For those of us who just want […]

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3 Best Smoking Games For Your Next Party

Marijuana smoking games

The simple truth about the best smoking games comes down to one thing, trying to get all participants as high as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time. While everyone has flipped a ping pong ball into a red cup and got hammered drinking, smoking games can really be entertaining because rookies often get […]

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