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How to Pass a Drug Test (Effective Techniques)

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how to pass drug test

If you are concerned that a drug test may be in your immediate future, then stop smoking right now!

The best thing that you can do today is to try and put as much time as you can between the last time you smoked marijuana and the drug test.

Although urine testing is by far the most commonly used, there is a chance the testing could involve other methods like a saliva swab or hair follicle testing.

There is a good chance that the drug testing will be completely random, so trying to put some time between the last time you used and that test may be a real challenge.

If you can not detox the bodily properly, the following simple yet effective techniques should help you in your efforts on how to pass a drug test.

Before we discuss these techniques on how to pass a drug test, please familiarize yourself with the laws in your state pertaining to tampering of drug tests.

The following information has been written and provided for informational purposes only!

Passing the Urine Test

The urine drug test is by far the most commonly used for random and scheduled drug testing around the country.

For that reason, we are going to focus the majority of the information on how to pass a drug test that pertains to urine testing.

One of the reasons that the urine testing is so popular is because the marijuana can be detected for longer periods of time that any other testing method.

urine test for drugs


That being said, there are many variables that affect how long THC will remain in the urine, like how much grams did you smoke, when was the last time that you smoked, your body stats like a speed of metabolism and blood circulation, your “filtering” organs etc.

Typically that time frame is between one and six weeks, and 30 days is usually the average.

For the urine testing method, the administrator will hand you a cup to urinate into that has a temperature strip inside to ensure it is coming from you.

Once a strip is placed in the urine, a chemical reaction will show if the THC is present or not. Although most testing strips test for the THC, some are capable of testing for creatinine, pH, nitrite, oxidant, glutaraldehyde, or others.

The urine test is not always but rarely produce a false positive.

Beating the Urine Testing for Marijuana

Let’s get right to it. The following methods for beating the urine drug test should help you to improve your chances of getting through the test without registering a positive for drugs.

urine drug test

1. Midstream Urination – If you take nothing else away from this article about how to pass a drug test, never use the last or first part of the urine stream for testing.

The midstream of your urine carries fewer levels of toxins, so try to eliminate a little and then get some in that cup.

This is a painless way to instantly improve your chances of coming back clean.

2. Getting Exercise – If you have more than 72 hours before you are scheduled for a drug test, try doing some exercise before that day arrives.

The reason you want to be getting in as much exercise as possible is the THC is absorbed into the fat cells, and exercise burns off those fat cells.

The more fat that you burn, the better your chances of passing that drug test.

3. Changing Your Diet – Similar to exercising, this method works best if you know that you have at least 72 hours before you are due in for a drug test.

Start eating lean meals that are packed with fiber.

Once you get to within a few hours of the drug test, make the switch to a diet rich in red meats and high fat.

The body will begin saving those fat cells and allow less THC to enter your kidneys around testing time.

4. Using Diuretics – The diuretic basically makes you go to the bathroom more often.

The diuretic is not going to detox your system, it will flush out the bladder and lower the THC present in your system.

In addition to diuretics in your supermarket, you can find several homemade solutions online that work as effectively.

5. Drinking More Water – If you are trying to pass that urine drug test, start drinking more water. When you get your fill of the water, drink more, and more, and even more.

Drinking water in excess will flush the system and dilute any toxins present in the urine.

The day of the testing, drink as much as 5 times more than you normally do.

Keep drinking as much as you can hold right up and through the drug test.

The only drawback is your urine will be almost clear, so to give it some color, add some B12 from a multivitamin to restore vitamins and color to your urine.

6. Replacement Urine – Unlike any of the methods we discussed to pass a urine test, swapping out dirty urine with a clean sample is something many people utilize who are desperate to pass.

By smuggling in clean urine and keeping it warm before handing over, you do have a great chance of beating the test.

There are serious risks associated with trying to cheat the testing in this manner, and it can be near impossible if the screener is present as you go to the bathroom.

synthetic urine how to pass drug test

7. Using Synthetic Urine – Similar to using a clean sample, please understand the risks involved if you are caught trying to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

You can purchase the synthetic urine from a number of companies online, but it is always good to know if you are going in for a supervised or unsupervised test.

If you will be guarded by a military screening company watching your every move, the embarrassment of having a vile of synthetic urine strapped to your leg will be the least of your worries.

8. Drinking Lots of Tea – One of the natural ways to cleanse marijuana from your system is to drink more tea.

There are numerous varieties of tea on the market like dandelion tea for example, aids the liver in eliminating toxins more rapidly from the body.

The green tea is effective at boosting your metabolism, helping to burn excess fat where the traces of THC are stored.

Many of the test available in your local supermarket or online are high in electrolytes and antioxidants, boosting your systems and flushing out those toxins before they appear in your test results.

Passing the Blood Test

When you are going to be tested for drugs and they are making use of the blood testing method, it is completely different than the more popular urine testing.

Although this method is not used as frequently as urine testing, it does allow the lab technicians to better predict whether or not THC is present in the blood.


blood testing for drugs

There is not too much you can do if you have to be tested in this manner other than exercising and detoxification as long as you have at least 72 hours before the testing will commence.

When the blood test is random, nothing short of a complete blood transfusion will eliminate the traces of the THC from your system.

Passing the Saliva Swab Test

The popularity of the saliva swab testing is growing because the employer can administer the testing right there on the spot.

The person performing the test can also monitor you during the testing similar to urine testing.

how to pass saliva swab test
THC can be detected in your system using this testing for anywhere from a couple hour to several days.

If you haven’t smoked the day of the testing, then chances are pretty good that you should be fine.

One of the simplest tricks you can do to beat this test is to brush your teeth and use some mouthwash right before testing time, it helps to reduce any toxins that are in your mouth.

Passing the Hair Follicle Test

The hair follicle drug test is used by employers who want to establish that you do not have a history of doing drugs over a long period of time.

The THC will not appear in the hair for some time, and it takes weeks for the hair to grow from the hairline to where the tester will take the hair.

This is a very expensive test and rarely used for random testing because of all the cost involved and the long lag time.

Forget about shaving, hair from anywhere on the body will work with this test. There are a few hair detox shampoos on the market that claim to be effective for cleaning the hair of toxins.

Other than that, this type testing is difficult to beat.


hair follicle drug test

The odds are in your favor that you will be given a urine drug test instead of the others we have discussed.

If that is the case, you have several simple yet effective techniques available here to show you how to pass a drug test.

Time is certainly your best defense, so if you suspect or know a drug test is imminent, put some time between that test and the last time you smoked marijuana.

Purchase one of those at-home testing kits to see if the techniques we discussed are helping to detox the system and get you passing the test.

Got experience with drug tests? Or the new ways to help others with drug tests? Share them with us in the comment below.

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