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5 Best Herb Grinders [2019] Reviews

Liam on January 4, 2018 0 Comments • Tags: #topgrinders

Luckily the days of jamming your buds in a bowl and burning them are going the way of the dinosaur. Although using your fingers works occasionally, the right tool simply makes everything that much easier and cleaner. The herb grinder makes the best of your smoking experience because it is more economical, makes rolling simple, … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Hash Oil

Liam on November 3, 2017 0 Comments

Hash oil can be smoked, eaten, vaporized, or rubbed on a sore muscle. The result is always the same: it gives you that enjoyable “high” feeling that you get from cannabis plants. Nicknames used to describe hash oil include marijuana wax, dabs, and BHO, among many others. With a reputation of being more potent than … Read More

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What Happens if You’re Caught Driving Under the Influence

Liam on November 2, 2017 0 Comments

Recently published statistics show that in 2015 there were a reported 1.5 million arrests for driving under the influence throughout the United States; with 214,828 of those in California and 61,852 in Florida. Golfing star Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter, Florida in May this year for allegedly driving under the influence of five substances, … Read More

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Which Strain Has The Highest Level of THC (34.04%) in 2018?

Liam on October 24, 2017 0 Comments

Every year, growers gather up the best of their cannabis products and compete to find out who has the best bud in the business. The Cannabis Cups are some of the biggest events in the cannabis industry, where connoisseurs, judges, growers, retailers and cannabis fans gather together to partake of and appreciate all things related … Read More


Cannabis Oil – Benefits, Uses, How To Make It and Much More

Liam on October 19, 2017 0 Comments

Let’s get straight to the point. You are more than likely familiar with the term marijuana oil, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), hash oil, dabs, etc. There are many nicknames to this thick and sticky substance, but the end result is almost the same. Cannabis oil is made up of extracted cannabinoids. Cannabis plants are composed … Read More

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