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8 Different Ways to Smoke Weed

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8 Different Ways to Smoke Weed

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There are hundreds of different ways to smoke marijuana, in fact, there are probably more things to smoke weed out of than there are ways to smoke your stash.

The crafty stoner can make a smoking device out of just about any fruit, vegetable, or common household item.

For those of us who just want to try different ways to enjoy our favorite herb, consider these eight different ways to smoke weed.

Head over to the head shop in your town, or go online to the multitude of smoke shops to find the right device for you.

1. The Bong

Basically, nothing beats the enjoyment of kicking back and toking on your favorite bong. Considered the most popular way to smoke marijuana, every stoner has their favorite when it comes to utilizing a bong.

The basic principle with the bong is simple, the bigger the device, the bigger the hit you can enjoy.

Water pipes incorporate the cooling power of water to reduce the temperature of the smoke and create a smoother puffing experience.

The water filters the smoke too, creating the cleaning hit you could possibly get. The bong at its most basic level is nothing more than a tube connected to a bowl, and range from primitive to elaborate in design.

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2. The Vaporizer

In states where recreational and medical marijuana are legal, vaporizers are becoming all the rage. Because no combustion takes place, this can be one of the healthiest ways to get your fix.

Now when you use the vaporizer, you technically are not smoking your weed, you are in fact vaporizing your stash and getting the full benefits.

With the vaporizer, you are eliminating all the respiratory hazards associated with toxic byproducts. You get zero combustion drawbacks and full inhaling benefits.

3. The Joint

Of these eight different ways to smoke weed, you just don’t mess with a classic. There is no other experience like taking a long drag off a killer spliff.

Similar to the bong experience, not all rolling papers are created equal. The paper that you decide to utilize has to be absolutely razor-thin and rolled in a cone fashion.

The paper still has to have some thickness to act as a filter and is available in just about every gas station, head shop or convenience store.

The ability to quickly get your stash from the baggie to the paper makes this one of the perfect smoking choices for those on the move.

8 different ways to smoke weed

4. The Gas Mask

One of the more insane ways to get a hit of marijuana is utilizing a gas mask bong. Unlike getting a hit from a bong or toking on a joint, the gas mask creates a completely unique smoking experience.

The user now has the ability to completely relish in the smoking process, soaking your face in that soothing smoke without losing any of the power of the experience.

Strap on your gas mask, fill up the bowl with your favorite herb, and minutes later you are engulfed with weed in your face.

The smoke will slowly fill up the mask, allowing you to relish in the moment and inhale the true flavor.

5. The Chillum

This smoking device is the perfect name for any stoner, and they are in fact a real old-school way of enjoying your weed.

The basic design of the chillum is simple, a straight conical pipe, usually made of clay, with an end-to-end channel.

These smoking devices date back to the early 18th century for good reason, Hindu monks were able to enjoy their tobacco better.

These smoking devices are not easy to conceal, so they are not recommended for the stoner on the move.

This is more along the lines of a stay-at-home smoking adventure. They can be found at street fairs and head shops across the country.

6. The Blunt

The early days on the blunt involved mixing up your tobacco and marijuana together for a unique smoking experience.

Today, however times are much different as marijuana, is slowly getting recognition across the country for its amazing healing powers.

Today the blunts are simply packed to the ends with marijuana, the perfect way to smoke your weed when out in public.

The blunt lovin’ stoner swears these last much longer than the joint, taste better, give bigger hits, easier to roll, and can handle a huge pile of stash.

7. The Glass Pipe

The glass pipe is the simple progression of the basic bong, and provides the user so many more distinct advantages over a simple bowl-type smoking asparagus.

The glass pipe today is manufactured using high-grade borosilicate glass. The glass is skillfully crafted into unique sizes and shapes that are completely unique from one another.


The glass is ideal because of the transparency and high heat resistance. They offer the smoker the ease of portability, and they are extremely simple to operate.

The more costly glass pipes are considered works of art and the stoner will usually have their favorite that they can not travel without. The glass pipe is considered by many the best way to smoke weed.

young boy smoking weed with a glass pipe

8. The Gravity Bong

The gravity bong is often considered the party bong or frat bong. Its gets this reputation because it is usually the focal point of a large party where everyone in attendance is jumping at the chance to get a hit.

Considered the stoner’s version of the drinkers funnel shot, the gravity bong is nothing more than a unique way to get as many people as possible hella high!

The large container of smoke allows many smokers to get a large hit at the same time. Perfect for the big party where you don’t want your precious glass pipe being passed around and broken.

These eight different ways to smoke weed barely scratch the surface.

Brilliant stoners around the country are skillfully creating pipes made out of metal, bongs made out of apples, and gravity bongs from a two-liter bottle and a kitchen bucket.

If you can get smoke in it, there is a genius marijuana smoker already looking for ways to turn it into the next smoking apparatus for him and his closest friends to get high as kites.

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