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Best Blunt Wraps – Everything You Need To Know

Rolling blunt wraps

Amongst all the different methods of consuming weed, there’s simply something iconic about taking a hit of herb from a nicely wrapped, fat blunt.

These marijuana cigars are known to pack a potent high with a touch of tobacco for an even stronger effect.

From celebrities to common marijuana enthusiasts, blunts are a classic way to smoke weed in style.

In fact, Snoop Dogg recently auctioned off a blunt that he hand wrapped himself for $1000 at a Halloween fundraiser organized by Seth Rogen.

The term “blunt” started being used as a slang term by Jamaican immigrants in New York City during the 1980s, and was inspired by the Phillis Blunt brand of cigars. This is because the tobacco leaves used by Phillis Blunt were especially strong compared to other cigars, and therefore could be used to wrap marijuana.

Today, smoking blunts continues to be popular worldwide and is even considered a pop culture symbol of elite cannabis culture.

However, if you’re hoping to master the art of wrapping the perfect blunt, you must first have a solid grasp of the materials involved.

Besides investing in quality herb, you’ll also want to pay attention to the blunt wraps that you have available, as these can make the difference between your blunt staying nicely wrapped or falling apart at the seams.

Nobody wants to reach in their pocket to realize their blunt has disintegrated into a million pieces – possibly even costing you bud.

To help you prevent this unfortunate scenario, we have broken down everything you need to know about blunt wraps so that you know what to look for.

What is Blunt (blunt wraps)?

Blunt wraps are similar to rolling paper as they are used to wrap marijuana into cigars. Because these wraps are usually large and sturdy they can be used to pack a lot of bud into a single blunt, making it as fat or skinny as desired.

This method of smoking marijuana is not only stylish, it is also very convenient as blunts can be wrapped at home and taken with you when you are on the go.

Many often confuse blunts with joints and spliffs, though these three smoking tools are all slightly different. The main thing that distinguishes a blunt is that it is usually wrapped with tobacco leaves or other types of paper that contain nicotine.


Therefore, for those who are used to smoking cigarettes and cigars, blunts offer the perfect way to combine these smoking habits with a love for marijuana.

Blunt vs Joints

If you’ve ever heard someone say that they were going to “roll a blunt” this could be somewhat misleading, as that terminology is usually reserved for joints.

While similar, joints and blunts are actually two different things, with the main difference being the types of wraps that are used and the amount of bud that can fit inside.

A good analogy is to think of joints like cigarettes and blunt like cigars.

Blunts are usually wrapped using the same type of large tobacco leaves or tobacco paper that is used to create cigars. Some people even like to take pre-rolled cigars, split them open at the perforation, remove the tobacco inside, and replace it with good ole’ Mary Jane.

Because blunts are so much larger, you can pack in a lot of marijuana inside, making it great to pass around at parties.

In addition, due to the nicotine naturally found in the tobacco leaves, blunts usually give off a much stronger high as the nicotine and cannabis combine for an even more powerful effect.

Fans of blunts love the rollercoaster experience they tend to provide as the tobacco can give you that sudden head rush feeling and then the marijuana takes over to mellow you out.

Joints, on the other hand, are usually much smaller in comparison and are rolled out of the same paper used in cigarettes.

Because of their smaller size, joints usually only hold between a quarter of a gram and an eighth of an ounce (if you’re pushing it).

These marijuana cigarettes are usually rolled out of a single piece of rolling paper, and sometimes include a filter, called a crutch, for added structure and to make it easier to roll.

There are even cone shaped rolling papers for those who are a little rolling-challenged making it super easy to pack your bud inside.

To help you understand of benefits of each even more, check out the following chart.

Benefits of Blunts:

·         Great for sharing at parties

·         Packs a lot of marijuana

·         Reported to have a more intense high

·         Many like the tobacco taste

Benefits of Joints:

·         Free of addictive nicotine

·         Small size makes them very portable

·         Cheap to make

·         Easy to roll

It’s a Wrap

Now that you’re a blunt wrap expert, you can move on to the next phase of mastering the art of wrapping the perfect blunt – and impressing your friends with your blunt expertise.

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