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Absolute Best Torches for Dabs (Must Know)



When you are trying to heat your dabs, it doesn’t matter if you are using ceramic, titanium, or a quartz nail, you are going to need a torch for heat.

If you are on the hunt for the best torch for dabs, sit back and relax because all the research has been done for you.

With so many different styles and types of torches available online, you could easily blow a few hundred bucks just trying to hone in on the perfect heat source.

Before we continue any further, let’s first establish what are dabs and dabbing in the first place for those who are just getting to know the fantastic world of cannabis.

What Are Dabs

Dabs are nothing else than concentrated cannabis. You make them by extracting THC and other cannabinoids with the help of a solvent.

Solvents that are usually used are butane, carbon dioxide, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.

With the help of solvents, you separate valuable herbal oil from the rest of the plant that you don’t need to smoke.

Once you dry your weed, you will get dabs by isolating the most potent portion of the herb.

What you will get is a sticky oil, and the most common ones are butane hash oil (BHO), wax, shatter, budder or crumble.

The method that is used to make them is the elemental difference between them.

It’s likely you have run into photos of a glass-like form herbal concentrate. This is marijuana extract in a shatter form.

What Are Dabs

It can easily shatter or break when handled. Marijuana oil concentrates normally come in a wax paper.

This way you can use a titanium wand to pull out a small amount of concentrate. A dab, in the matter effect, should be consumed one small hit at a time.

Since it represents the most potent portion of dried herb (which you can grow in a grow tent, by the way), a dab hits much harder than a joint.

Dabs contain a much higher concentration of THC than buds. For some extracts, it is known that they contain between 70 and 90% THC.

To get high, smokers vaporize dabs and inhale through a dab rig a small amount per one hit. To heat them, you need a hot surface, which is usually a dab nail or a torch for dabs.

In the past, dabs were something almost strictly reserved for serious smokers. However, some advanced extraction methods have emerged lately.

This further led to numerous cannabis concentrates appearance that have increased dabbing popularity.

During the extraction process, you can extract non-intoxicating compounds like CBD.

Although it is hard to preserve them, you can also extract terpenes, which are aromatic oils that give marijuana its flavor.

However, THC is responsible for the potent effects of dabs, and it’s the only thing that can get you extremely stoned.

What Is Dabbing

Smoking marijuana concentrates by using specialized equipment known as a dab rig is dabbing.

Dab rigs are similar to glass bongs. The only difference is that a rig has a nail instead of a bowl.

To dab, you need to heat up this nail. That is when you are going to use a dab torch.

When your torch for dab heats the nail to a specific temperature, you need a dab tool to pick up a small amount of concentrate and place it on the nail.

The concentrate placed on the already hot nail will instantly vaporize and create a strong and smooth hit.

What Is Dabbing

As it burns, you should inhale it, just like you would inhale vapor from an electronic cigarette.

Dabbing is something you should try if you are bored with smoking weed only or if you want to intensify the effect of your medical marijuana.

If you are learning how to dab, you will find that dabbing is a better experience when you are with a group of friends.

That way the rig is quickly passed around, which allows everyone to try it. Sounds fun, don’t you agree?

Why You Need Torches for Dabs

Maybe you think that a regular lighter will suffice and that you won’t need anything else to heat the dab nail.

Well, nobody forbids you to try this, but know that you will end up more frustrated than stoned.

Here’s why – a lighter can’t and won’t heat the dab nail evenly and long enough as dab torch would do it.

Besides being easier to use, a torch for dab is more reliable and safer. Most of them have an adjustable and lockable flame, and that makes them pretty safe.

Optimal height of dab torches is eight inches. You will also find it quite useful in that they don’t make a lot of noise and are the easiest product to refill.

How to Choose the Best Torch for Dabs

You’ve established that you need a dab torch, so you start googling to find the best one for your needs. There’s just one tiny problem – you don’t know what you should look for.

The first torch for dab that pops up in your Internet browser might not be that good.

There are some critical factors you should consider before you choose your future torch for dabs, and to make the search easier for you, here is a list and explanation for all those factors.

Safe to Use

This feature of torches for dabs is vital. Without ensuring that your torch is safe to use, any other characteristic doesn’t matter.

That’s why you have to ensure that the dab torch you choose is always safe to use.

Rookie stoners often struggle to load up their dab torch. They also don’t check if the plug and nozzle are compatible.

If these two are not compatible, there is a good chance that propane or butane will leak, which can create a flammable hazard. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the flammable material in the glass area and nail are removed.

Most torches for dabs are equipped with safety features, such as safety locks, anti-flare technology, and ignition switches.

These auto-locking features are meant to prevent you from holding down the button the whole time. Still, you should remain cautious.

If you knock the auto-locking feature by accident, you could set your house on fire.



The primary goal you are trying to achieve when dabbing is to heat the dab nail evenly. Essential things you also have to take into account are the temperature and power.

This being said, you need an extremely hot dab torch if you want to have a badass dabbing experience.

An evenly heated nail can be achieved only if you choose a dab torch with a wider flame. Wider flame torches for dabs are a reliable ample heat source.

On some dab torches, you will also be able to adjust the flame based on your needs and preferences.

Torches also have to be able to give you the ability to adjust and lock the flame, for safety purposes of course.

Refilling, Burning Period and Tank Size

These three features of torches for dabs are tightly intertwined, and you can’t talk about the one without the other two.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s amazing when your dab torch is easy to use. However, nothing beats a torch that in addition to easy use is also easy to refill.

Imagine the situation when you are all into dabbing just to run out of fuel in the middle of dabbing. Not cool, right?

Actually, it’s the most inconvenient thing that can happen because you will have to stop everything you are doing to refill your torch.

If you want to avoid such unpleasant experiences, make sure to select a dab torch with the appropriate tank size.

Think about it, in dabbing, a torch that can hold a proper amount of butane or propane is essential.

You can conclude that a dab torch is of good quality if it burns a little amount of fuel over half an hour before it needs refilling.

The process of refilling in a torch for dab should also be easy and not last for too long.

Some torches for dabs have a fuel level indicator or gauge meter to keep you informed how much fuel you have left and whether or not you need to refill the tank.

Find the one dab torch that has this feature, and you will always have a general idea when you should get another butane or propane cartridge.

Durability and Performance

Nobody wants a torch for dab that he or she will use only for a limited period of time.

That’s why when deciding on a dab torch, you should consider its functionality and durability.

Durable torch for dabs is the one that won’t break easily when you use it often. It also needs to have a reliable nozzle and to be able to produce a continuous large and vibrant flame.

Once you establish a dab torch of your choice has all this, check one more thing – operation noise.

Trust me, the last thing you need is a noisy torch dab. The good torch will always operate silently.



Torches for dabs vary from eight to about eighteen inches in size. A wide range of torch sizes should be excellent news for you, as it will allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

At the end of the day, torch size will largely depend on its purpose and a place you want to put it in.

For example, you will choose a bigger size dab torch if you are planning on dabbing on your trip. The biggest ones are usually eighteen inches when you attach them to the tank and head.

For dabbing with your friends, you are probably better off with smaller torch models. A smaller torch will not take a lot of space in your bag, and that’s what you need at this point.

Finally, it all gets down to your personal preference.

Style and Features

Don’t buy the first dab torch you run into. Make sure to compare different styles first.

If you are a beginner at dabbing, start with a simple torch. Find the one that has a wide enough base to ensure that it stands firmly and not tip over with just a little movement.

Wider base torches for dabs also allow you to heat up the nails and line up the rig line without using your hands.

Other notable features to look for in a dab torch are a non-slip grip, safety lock, adjustable flame controls, leak-proof construction and a removable base.

Maybe you also want to purchase a torch for dab that will complement your home interior or some other place you plan to keep it in.

The good news is that you will find torches in vibrant colors and sleek designs that can fit any place.


Last but not least, the price. First of all, establish how much you are willing to spend on a dab torch.

It would be ideal if you can find a torch that is both, durable and affordable.

My advice is to compare different torches for dabbing and their features and then decide if the price suits you.

We are going to go in detail about the differences between the butane and the propane torches now, then discuss the top 10 best torch for dabs, and finally, I will impose my wisdom upon you by revealing my personal top 3 torches.

With so much to discuss, let us get started separating the myth from reality, and get you in a better position to choose the right torch for dabs for your own individual needs.

Differences in the Propane vs Butane Torch

One debate that seems to never come to a conclusion with stoners is which is better for dabs, buying a butane or a propane torch.

The reason this debate gets so heated is that each torch works ideally in completely different situations.

If you enjoy one for traveling and one for a cleaner heat, no matter what anyone says you are not going to be swayed.

We take the neutral approach here, by allowing you to see the debate from both sides so you can make that decision on your own.

1. The butane torch will burn cleaner, and that is a huge sticking point for veteran stoners. When there is an abundance of oxygen, like dabbing outdoors, the burn is relatively cleaner than that of propane which produces carbon monoxide.
That being said, at low temperatures with no ventilation, all chemicals produce some degree of carbon monoxide.
2. A propane torch will burn hotter. The propane is going to burn at 1000 degrees, basically close to the melting point of titanium. If time is of the essence, propane is the way to go.
If you are passing around the nail, you are going to risk melting that nail after a few passes due to the extreme heat. Propane should only be used on titanium nails, so if you have any other metal, use butane.
3. Propane refills are easier to purchase than butane. Propane refills are more readily available, cheaper, and come in different sizes too.
Butane torches are usually for heating crème brûlée, a little more challenging to buy refills for.
4. If you can secure the butane refills and stockpile them, then you will find the butane is better for portability. These torches are smaller and can slip into a backpack without issues.
5. If you are dabbing in extreme weather conditions, consider choosing the propane. Propane stores much better than butane at various temperatures.
If you are going to be in Alaska today and then Key West next week, go with the propane because it will keep up its effectiveness.
6. Propane doesn’t smell as bad. That being said, the odor is added to warn you of leaks, and if you can’t smell it, you can’t tell you are breathing in too much too fast.
The propane should have ethanethiol added, this has a prominent detectable odor which increases safety when dabbing.

So there you have it, both are handy, both are relatively safe, it just comes down to personal preference as to whether you need a white-hot hit or you can simmer down and deal with taking a little longer to get high.

How to Use a Torch for Dabs

The first step is to turn the flame on. Depending on a torch for dabs this process will be different.

On most torches, this is done by turning on the gas to very low and then igniting it with a push button or a lighter.

With so many dab torches on the market, there are today torches that you only need to push a button to turn their flame on with no further actions required.

When you’ve started the flame, the next thing is heating up the dab nail.

Different types of nails require different amounts of time to heat up properly. You can choose a ceramic, titanium or quartz nail.

Ceramic nails need more than 30 seconds to heat up, titanium takes between 15 and 25 seconds, while quartz doesn’t need more than 5-10 seconds to heat up.

Honest advice is to go with a titanium dab nail. You will know that it heats up when you notice that it started turning red.

Anyways, the last step is to let the dab nail for about ten seconds to cool down and then scrape off a hit onto the nail with a dab tool.

Apply these steps, and you will officially become a master of dabbing.

How to Use a Torch for Dabs

How to Refill Torches for Dabs

Keep in mind that not all dab torches can be refilled, but the best one should have this possibility.

One thing is for sure. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money every time you need a new torch for dabbing.

Before you start doing anything, ensure that all open flames are put out.

Next, have a refill can of butane or propane beside you so that you don’t waste time looking for one when you start dabbing.

Steps to refill your torches for dabs are the following:

Step 1.

Make sure that you have completely shut the gas nozzle on the torch.

Step 2.

After you find the tip of the refill bottle, turn the dab torch over.

Step 3.

The refill hole is on the bottom. This is where you should attach the refill bottle to the gas inlet valve.

Step 4.

To release the butane or propane into the dab torch’s chamber, use downward pressure on the refill bottom.


Dabbing Benefits

Reasons why a lot of smokers prefer dabbing over traditional cannabis smoking are numerous.

If you have tried both, you surely know that dabs have a much cleaner, smoother and purer taste.

Besides that, dabbing effects start immediately and last for an extended period of time, and it’s easier on the lungs.

One study among more than 350 people who prefer dabbing showed what the perceived benefits of dabs are.

Already mentioned stronger effects and better taste were two of the reasons.

The other benefits were that it takes fewer dab hits to get high and achieve the desired effect, that the high is different and faster than with the joint.

Also, dabs don’t leave behind ash byproducts.

This is, of course, not all. Benefits of dabbing for medicinal purposes are also noticeable.

When you dab safely, by using a clean and tested products, you will find it easier to deal with severe and chronic pain.

Patients who suffer from nausea also experience immediate and effective relief after dabbing.

This is due to the correct cannabinoids dosage in dabs that works quickly and efficiently.

One thing is for sure. Cannabis concentrates have a lot to offer to patients with different diseases, and they are an excellent option to deal with many health issues.

Downsides and Potential Dangers of Dabbing

Dabbing is relatively new, cool way to get high. However, when not done safely and without taking possible side effects into account, dabbing can also have some downsides.

Here are some of the most common downsides of dabs and dabbing:

Home Extraction is Not Safe

Worst case scenario that can happen is that the extraction at home can cause an explosion. More prone to this are the rookies who have just entered the world of dabbing.

They have heard that cannabis extraction at home is easy and they know that all the necessary tools and equipment can be bought at a very low price.

Besides, in attempting to save a few more bucks, new dabbers often buy just a nail attachment and a handheld blow torch.

What they don’t know is that heating a dab nail with a small flame can potentially be dangerous.

Furthermore, people usually use an open-loop extraction because they don’t have a closed-loop one from professional labs.

When you use an open-loop, it is possible that volatile butane or propane gases can escape.

They then accumulate in the room, and when you have a combination of flammable gasses and poor ventilation, just one small spark can cause the explosion.

When you extract your cannabis at home, even if you have the best equipment, you don’t have a way to check the purity and quality of the oil.

The chances are that residual solvents and chemical contaminants will stay in the oil and this can damage your health.

Don’t get scared and give up on dabbing just because of the potential risks. Instead, ensure the purity and potency of your cannabis concentrates by lab testing them.

The other prevention methods you need are the high-quality solvents, closed-loop equipment and someone trained to extract your cannabis correctly.

Home Extraction is Not Safe

Chemical Contaminants

It is already said that if you try extracting the cannabis at home, it is possible that some excessive chemical contaminants traces will end up in your dabs.

This way you will inhale butane, propane and other chemicals used when making dabs. Don’t let this alarm you.

Inhaling butane, for example, won’t damage your health seriously. In the worst scenario, it can cause only a minor lung irritation.

However, any butane and propane leftovers burn off during the dabbing process so you shouldn’t worry much about any health issues.

In case you notice that the extract sizzles a lot while you dab, know that there is a lof butane or propane left.

This means that you shouldn’t buy dabs from that same source ever again if you don’t want to have health problems.


While it’s impossible to overdose and die from smoking marijuana, you can overdose from dabs.

The reason behind this is that cannabis extracts are incredibly potent. Dabs contain between 60 and 90 percent of THC, and this will make you high on very short notice.

So, although it is easy to consume too much at once when dabbing, start with a small dab to make sure that your first dabbing experience is comfortable and smooth.

If you do overdose, you may experience some uncomfortable symptoms. The usual ones are confusion, vomiting, panic attacks, paranoia, accelerated heart rate and passing out.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Experts still haven’t fully uncovered what happens when you dab for a prolonged time. One thing that is known though is that you can become tolerant to dab effects after some time.

In the long run, this will cause withdrawal symptoms once you quit dabbing.

Due to dabs being stronger than regular marijuana, experts think that risks of developing tolerance toward dabs and experiencing withdrawal symptoms are more significant.

Although cannabis withdrawal doesn’t cause major countereffects, some of the symptoms you can experience are mood swings, insomnia, depression, headache, vivid dreams and sweating at nights.

How to Dab Completely Safely

Don’t give up on dabbing just yet. All the potential risks mentioned above can be easily avoided if you take some steps.

First and foremost, buy your dabs only from licensed suppliers.

By doing this, you will be 100% sure that your product has passed very rigorous quality control and is extremely safe for consuming.

You can’t dab without a dab rig, so head to a trusted vendor that will answer all your questions and help you find perfect dabbing equipment.

A complete dab rig will probably cost you a few hundred bucks, so be prepared for that.

Lastly, don’t consume too much cannabis concentrates. You are a beginner, and that’s precisely why you should start small and find out what dose you are comfortable with.

If you don’t have a weed scale, consider investing in one. Always bear in mind that even a fraction of a gram is too much.

Dabbing is an amazing experience, only when you take necessary steps to stay safe. Don’t forget, the right dabbing gear and carefully monitoring the dosage is essential.

So there you have it guys, a detailed explanation of the differences between butane and propane, my personal three favorite torches for dabs, the top 10 best torch for dabs being sold today, and everything else you need to know.

Now that you have an idea of what torches provide the best dabbing experience, test out a few on your own and you will find your own top three choices too.

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