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Bill Maher: Does the Political Commentator Blaze It and How Much?

Bill Maher: Does the Political Commentator Blaze It? Bill Maher is a well-known political commentator and host of a television show. He is also a comedian, but he is most well-known for hosting his own talk show on HBO. The show is called Real Time with Bill Maher. He previously had a talk show on Comedy Central called Politically Incorrect, which was moved to ABC before being canceled.


Maher stands out thanks to his political satire, sociopolitical commentary, and sarcasm. He covers a range of topics on both his talk shows and comedy specials from mass media to politics to religion.

Bill Maher’s Career

Maher grew up in New Jersey with a father who was Roman Catholic and a mother who was Jewish. His father took him and his sister to church until Maher’s early teen years, when they stopped attending due to his father’s disagreement with the church on the matter of birth control. During the beginning of his career, he did stand-up comedy and starred in some television and movie roles until he landed the part of the host on Politically Incorrect in 1993. The show earned critical acclaim and Emmy nominations during its run. A year after the end of the Politically Incorrect, Maher got a show on HBO. Maher has mentioned that he prefers the setup of his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, where he hosts well-informed guests instead of random celebrities. Real Time has also been nominated for several Emmys.


Bill Maher has the record for the most Emmy nominations without any wins. He has had 22 nominations. Politically Incorrect received eleven nominations, Real Time received 9, and his comedy specials received 2. He supports same-sex marriage and animal rights, but he has harsh views of religion. Maher’s opinions are often polarizing, and he has faced great criticism from many people.

How Much Does Bill Maher Smoke?

Bill Maher has some controversial views, but how does he feel about smoking the flower? Does he smoke it? If so, how often? The answer is he does.

However, he’s stated that people think that he smokes a lot more often than he actually does. He only smokes a couple times a week. He also has done more than just smoke it – he’s also sold it.

How Much Does Bill Maher Smoke? Maher states that he uses it as a creative aid. When he’s sober and is stuck on writing or some other project and can’t get the work done, after he’s had a few puffs, he says that he’s able to think of the project as a fun endeavor instead of work. On his show, he’s even paid homage to the day that celebrates marijuana, April 20th, on his show with a song that was titled “Twas The Night Before 4/20.


He also has revealed that he used to sell pot while he was going to college. He attributes the money he made to his success and him breaking into the comedy scene. It allowed him to pay for college as he doubled majored in History and English at Cornell University.

Thoughts on Smoking Cannabis

He strongly advocates for the legalization of marijuana but puts an emphasis on how it’s not the most important issue out there. It’s easy to support the legalization of weed, but he wants people to be more politically minded, hoping that they focus on more than just one issue. While he admits to smoking weed, he hasn’t released any information on his smoking habits. It’s interesting to wonder what type of smoker Bill Maher is. Does he prefer blunts, joints, or perhaps some kind of bong like maybe a gas mask bong, a gravity bong, a tornado bong, or a mini bong? Has he had to pass a drug test?


Does he know how to pass a drug test? Does he have torches for dabs? Has he had a weed hangover on his show? Has he used smell proof backpacks or clear rolling papers? Does he know the difference between indica vs sativa? Does he have a bong? Is it what some people consider a girly bong or maybe a skull bong? Perhaps these questions will be answered in years to come as Bill Maher is likely to not quit smoking anytime soon. Photos from: s_bukley /

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