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Blunt vs Joint vs Spliff – The Ultimate Comparison

Liam on July 15, 2017 0 Comments • Tags: #bluntvsjointvsspliff

Marijuana culture has been alive and well for decades now. There are more and more methods of consumption every year, but sometimes sticking to the classics are the most satisfying.

Wrapping and rolling are an incredibly convenient way to puff and go. There is a lot of variety at hand though. Joints, blunts, and spliffs are all available methods.

For years there has always been a micro-war brewing regarding which is better though and for what reasons. This article will help answer those questions and help you figure out which are the best blunt wraps and joint papers.

What are Joint Papers?

Marijuana rolled into joint paper

Joints are one of the oldest methods of smoking cannabis. Rolling papers are inexpensive and allow the terpenes to show through really nicely.

Flavor is important with high-quality bud, so if you’re looking for a method of consumption that preserves flavor, joints may be for you.

Rolling papers are normally made of a blend of one or more of the following ingredients; rice straw, hemp, flax, sisal or esparto.

These ingredients are processed down to lightweight and thin “rag fibers” with a thin layer of glue on one end for proper sealing.

Joint papers have become incredibly popular for sculpture reasons as well. People have been doing more than just learning how to roll a cross joint.

Many weed enthusiasts are becoming sensational at creating smoke-able sculptures that look like teddy bears, alligators, tanks and even people.

Joint papers can also come in a variety of flavors and varieties including king sizes, clear rolling papers, and double wides.

A New Trend – Clear Rolling Papers

Clear transparent rolling paper for joint

These clear rolling papers resonate with a futuristic frequency. Of all the rolling paper variants, this one has been making a large splash on the internet.

They are truly transparent which gives your roll a very interesting appearance. Admiring the quality of the strain is important to many weed enthusiasts, especially to those that grows at home or purchase more expensive cannabis.

I recommend these for any users looking to take interesting pictures of their creations or enjoy an extra cool view while smoking.

What is a Blunt?

What are blunt

Although some weed culture denotes a more mellow mood, there are some more intense ways to get high.

Blunts have become a popular version of consumption because the wraps are made from tobacco. There are full tobacco leaf wraps, tobacco compound mixtures and even artificial wraps meant to burn like real tobacco wraps.

Blunts are known to burn longer, more evenly and get you even higher than joints allow.

Blunts, however, can drown out the natural flavors and terpenes in marijuana which can be concerning for people that like to preserve flavor. Some people find that blunts are easier to roll as well.

Some downsides to using blunts include having to split and gut the inside of the wrap before usage.

However, there are also wraps that do not contain the inner leaf so you can go straight to rolling.

What are Spliffs?

Spliff is cigarette and marijuana rolled with rolling paper


Although weed is nearly superior to tobacco, there are many people that prefer spliffs to blunts or joints.

Spliffs are a half weed, half tobacco blunt or joint. They are more classically recognizable as joints, but sometimes people mix the two substances in blunt wraps too.

Spliffs can be considerably easier to roll since tobacco is a uniform substance.

Sometimes cannabis is too sticky to roll into something smoke-able. The addition of tobacco can allow the structure to breathe and therefore burn more efficiently.

Blunts vs Joints – Do Blunts Really Get You Higher?

The blunt vs joint conversation is ages old and goes back farther than anyone can really remember.

If you smoke hemp pure joint papers that are not bleached or full of chemicals, you are smoking to a cleaner high.

Joint wraps are more environmentally friendly and do not contain the carcinogens present in blunt wraps. However, there is something specifically charming about smoking a blunt.

The high produced from burning both the tobacco within the blunt wrap and the marijuana can produce one of the most potent highs.

Many experienced smokers note that they get higher off of blunts but they cough more. Blunts can be too harsh for some smokers used to pure vaping or organic oils.

However, if you choose hemp specific blunts or safer artificial wraps, you can enjoy the best of the high without as many consequences.

Overall, blunts may get you higher if you’re using tobacco wraps, but may vary person to person with artificial variants.

Blunt vs Joint vs Spliffs

Even if you are set in your ways of smoking, it is useful to know all the benefits and downsides to each variation. Research and observation have yielded the following pros and cons.

Blunt Pros Blunt Cons
  • Easier to roll due to both the thickness of the wrap and the materials ability to seal to itself anywhere unlike joint paper’s glue line.
  • Most versions are made with Tobacco or chemicals, both of which contain carcinogens.
  • Normally provides a more potent high.
  • It has a notably harsher throat hit.
  • Reported to have a more intense high.
  • Reported to burn longer and more even.
Joint Pros Joint Cons
  • Organic papers do not have carcinogens like blunt wraps.
  • May burn faster than blunts and even go out quicker in some cases.
  • Preserves the terpene flavor and therefore unique taste of each strain.
  • Are generally more fragile than blunt wraps.
  • Allows you to create cross joints and other interesting, smoke-able creations.
  • Seal better only at the glue line.
Joint Pros Joint Cons
  • Known to be simpler to roll since tobacco is generally uniform in texture and size.
  • The terpenes are normally overpowered by the tobacco.
  • Cheaper for the most part since tobacco is normally less per unit than cannabis.
  • You will taste and smell like tobacco.
  • You stretch the life of your cannabis since you’re using less per wrap.
  • Carcinogens will be present.

The Verdict

Although vaporizing is exploding in mainstream marijuana culture, rolling is still a classic favorite. Spliffs, blunts, and joints are all great way to wrap up but some do have more convincing attributes.

I do enjoy the high that tobacco based blunts facilitate but I don’t always want to expose myself to chemicals and byproducts. Joint wraps are a cost-effective, cleaner way to get high, but I will admit, they are not as easy to roll.

Rolling spliffs is not a normal occurrence, but for the sake of the question of blunt vs joint, I am fairly loyal to RAW’s pack of 300 organic papers.

They pack a lot of value for only $5.85. But for larger get together or special events, my friends and I prefer a pack of Double Platinums.

Their flavors can be complementary to the natural flavor of the cannabis. The choice truly depends on the individual.

It is generally recommended that you complete your own research and just keep the ingredients in mind while wrap searching.

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