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5 Important Things You Should Know About Bong Or Waterpipe

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The words glass bongs and waterpipes often get confused for the same thing, especially those new to the smoking scene.

To get a better understanding of the difference, all you really need to know is that every bong that you see is considered to be a waterpipe, but every waterpipe is not necessarily a bong.

Now that you are good and confused, the following information should help to clear the air and give you all the information that you need to choose the right waterpipe for your needs.

The Anatomy of the Bong

In the simplest terms, the bong is nothing more than a small tube that is a few inches in diameter with a seal at the bottom.

The only function of the bong is to hold water, regardless if it is made from glass, metal, wood, or bamboo.

The majority of bonds are free standing and have a base, with a straight tube that keeps you from burning off your eyebrows when you are lighting.

the anatomy of the bong

Attached to the down-stem is the bowl, and this is connected to near the bottom of the bong.

The purpose of the stem is to reach down below the water level in the bong and create a watertight seal.

The external part of that tube allows you to screw on a bowl, this is where you take a hit off the bong.

As you take the hit, the smoke is drawn through the bowl and into the water, cooling the smoke and allowing bubbles to fill the empty chamber of the bong with smoke.

Questions About How You Smoke

We all know what the bong is going to be used for, the big question, however, is what is the environment in which you will be using your bong?

Determining whether you are going to be using your bong three times a day or just once each week factors into your decision for choosing the right bong.

Ask yourself a few of these questions before hitting the smoke store and just grabbing the coolest looking piece you can find.

man smoking a bong

Is the bong for your own personal use or will you be passing it around to people at your home? Do you plan on taking your bong with you when you travel?

Are you looking for a basic design or something elaborate? Will you be cleaning the unit often? Whether this is your first or fiftieth bong, answering these questions will allow you to select the perfect piece.

The Bong and Your Lungs

Consider for a moment that everyone has a different lung capacity.

If you buy that waterpipe because it is tall and colorful and would look perfect on your coffee table, then you need to consider it might be too tall for your lung capacity, and when you inhale you never will be completely satisfied.

If it is troublesome to fill the chamber with smoke, you will never be able to maximize your bongs full potential. So basically, if you can not fill the chamber with smoke, you will never be able to draw a solid hit.

Consider the alternative though, let us assume you can fill the chamber but you don’t have the capacity to clear it with a single hit.

Now you leave behind smoke that will be significantly less than fresh, and you will taste it in a nasty second hit.

Bigger is not always better when buying a bong, so if the mouthpiece is too wide or the chamber inhibits the control of each hit, look for a smaller bong.

Safety With a Glass Bong

The bottom line is that the glass bong is definitely fragile.

When you are sharing hits with friends who do not have as much experience, they may tend to mishandle the waterpipe and cause it to easily break.

If you have opted for the bigger glass bong, then it is going to take up a pretty good amount of space in the room.

If other activities are going on in this room, the chance for someone accidentally knocking it over is greatly increased.

glass bong with water

The biggest reason these glass bongs break however is user error.

People who have never smoked with a glass bong simply do not know the correct way to hold it, and the stem cracks and breaks after they use it.

If your glass bong is on the big size, store it on a shelve out of the way of daily activity, and make sure you carefully instruct newbies how to handle the unit properly.

Choosing the Soft Glass Bong

So you have decided that you love the beauty and the style of the glass bong, but choosing the right one can really be a trying experience.

If you love the look and consider your bong a piece of art, then look at the soft glass bong to increase the appeal. With clear soft glass, you now can see the clarity of the water when you take your hit.

Another advantage to the soft glass is you can purchase a bent bong for taking hits while kicking back on the couch or your favorite recliner.

These types direct that smoke right back to you without you having to get up and sit over the bong. Avoid getting a bong with splash guards if you like easy clean-ups.

To get the most refreshing hits, be sure your new glass bong has an ice catcher.

Now that you have a little education about glass bongs and waterpipes, the only other thing you should consider is your budget.

These devices cover the entire spectrum of costs, from very inexpensive to extremely costly.

Understanding which attributes you need and your lung capacity for taking hits will help you to choose the perfect glass bong for your needs.

This fragile smoking device will provide you years of enjoyment if take good care of it.

The appeal of the glass waterpipe can not be overstated, it is transparent, it is heat resistant, and they can me shaped and molded into a huge variety of unique and fun shapes.

Remember one thing, the better care that you take of this glass bong, the better care the bong will take care of you.

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