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Brad Pitt’s Career and His Smoking Habits – Did Weed Cause Actor’s Divorce?

Liam on July 29, 2017 0 Comments

Brad Pitt's Career and His Smoking Habits

For many of you, you may be in disbelief at the mere notion of such an A-list celebrity smoking the green plant. Does he still smoke? All these questions and more will be answered below.

Brad Pitt’s Career

If you haven’t heard of Brad Pitt, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past thirty years. Brad Pitt is an extremely successful and well-known actor of his generation with various critical acclaims to his name.

He began his acting career in 1987, getting small television appearances and film roles that were not credited. His breakout performance didn’t happen until 1992 when he starred in the movie A River Runs Through It.

His performance was a hit among the critics, and he received rave reviews for his performance as Paul Maclean. With that film release, Pitt was titled the next big thing to hit Hollywood.

Brad Pitt’s Career

The critics were right. Throughout the year of 1994, Pitt hit one of many peaks in his career as he starred in many movies that were deemed hits.

A few of these films included Legends of the Fall and the movie adaptation of Interview with the Vampire.

A year later he starred in another hit when he was cast in the thriller Seven alongside Morgan Freeman. It was deemed one of the best roles he played in yet.

Four years later, Brad Pitt reached success again with the 1999 movie adaptation of Fight Club. While it was initially given mixed reviews, Pitt’s performance in the film was consistently praised.

The 2000s were also good to Brad Pitt’s career as he starred in a variety of movies including Ocean’s 11, Spy Game, The Mexican, and Troy.

The past ten years hasn’t slowed him down either. He still continues to star in hit films, meaning he remains one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has a movie on Netflix and is set to be in the sequel to the popular “World War Z.”

How Much Does Brad Pitt Smoke?

So Brad Pitt’s had an illustrious film career, but does he smoke weed? How often does he partake and does he use blunts or tornado bong?

The answer is that he does. Or, at least, he used to. When speaking about his cannabis use, Pitt describes it as a phase in the 90s.

He describes it as a very dark period where he just sat on the couch all day and got high. He mentioned feeling pretty pathetic and has even attributed his weed use to the fact that he didn’t graduate college even though he only had two credits left.

How Much Does Brad Pitt Smoke?

Photo from: thefashionisto.com.

Brad Pitt’s not the only one who has recounted his affinity for smoking. On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2009, Quentin Tarantino recounted the day he went to Pitt to convince to him to work on Inglourious Basterds.

He told a story of how they shared six bottles of a Pink Floyd kind of rosé and during some point that night Pitt brought out a smoking apparatus like a bubbler bong.

Tarantino describes the bong as a pop can that was red with a small silver stripe.

Pitt has stated numerous times that he hasn’t smoked since he’s had kids. The rumors that tried to determine the cause of his divorce with Angelina Jolie attributed the split to his drinking and smoking.

Brad Pitt - Did Weed Cause Actor’s Divorce?

Rumors state that the marriage was ended because Angelina Jolie was done with Pitt’s bad habits, thinking it was bad for their children. Sources close to them neither confirm nor deny this claim.

They just stated that it was for “the health of the family.” Since then, Brad Pitt has been determined to no longer smoke or drink.

Thoughts on Smoking Cannabis

While it’s obvious that Brad Pitt has a history with Mary Jane, it’s also obvious that he doesn’t view it as a good history.

He attributes many of his problems to his smoking. Despite that, he’s still been vocal in the legalization of cannabis.

It’s known that he was a frequent stoner back in the day, but his thoughts on how to smoke are unknown.

The story of him smoking with Tarantino shows that he had a bong but did he try different bongs like a gravity bong or a gas mask bong. There are still so many other mysteries that have no answer.

Photos from: s_bukley / depositphotos.com, Jean_Nelson / depositphotos.com.

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