Cameron Diaz – Actress Who Loves Modeling, Acting and Secretly Weed

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Cameron Diaz is an American actress who has been in a number of films and television shows since the 1990s.

Before she made her way onto the filming set, she was a model for Elite Model Management on a contractual basis. While modeling, she landed gigs for Levi’s and Calvin Klein.

When she was seventeen years old, she was even featured on the cover of, fittingly, Seventeen Magazine.

Her breakthrough role was in the memorable film The Mask, where she starred beside Jim Carrey. Since that film, Diaz has been featured in more than 50 different projects on the small and silver screen.

Some of these films include all the Shrek movies, Charlie’s Angels, Annie, My Sister’s Keeper, and a handful of romantic comedies.

Her films have garnered more than $3 billion in the United States and over $7 billion across the globe.

Cameron Diaz’s “High-atus”

While she’s had a fairly successful career, Cameron Diaz hasn’t been seen in a movie since 2014.

Whether she’ll be back, no one knows, but it is known that she’s stopped due to the exhaustion that comes with the amount of going from place to place with a job in the film industry.

She also stated that she wasn’t quite sure who she was anymore and needed to discover some way to make her feel whole.

It’s been known that people sometimes turn to the cannabis herb, indica and sativa, to help on their journeys of self-enlightenment, so maybe that’s a reason she’s gone on a “high-atus.”

A year after her last film premiered, Cameron Diaz talked about how she’s started practicing transcendental meditation.

She stated that she felt “badass” when meditating as she’s able to use it to explore the deepest parts of herself. She also mentioned that it helps her recharge and that it feels awesome.

How Much Does Cameron Diaz Smoke?

So does Cameron Diaz even smoke weed? Well, she at least used to. On the old late-night show Lopez Tonight, Diaz recounted how she went to the same high school as Snoop Dogg. Snoop is obviously known for smoking weed every day.

She admitted that during their time at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, she might have bought weed from Snoop. We’re left to wonder if she had to pass some kind of a drug test.

On a later episode of the show, Snoop Dogg even confirmed it. He joked that he gave her “white girl weed,” explaining to George Lopez that it’s mostly stems and sticks.

Her puffing wasn’t just a phase for high school and college though. She was caught sharing a joint with a close friend and fellow actress Drew Barrymore. They were vacationing in Hawaii in 2007 when the pictures were captured.

It’s also reported that Diaz would smoke weed on the beach when she lived in California. She’s stated before that getting to the beach took a couple of hours with her smell proof backpack.

She would take a bus, stay the whole day, eat some corn dogs, and cop a joint for $2.

Of her film career, her most recent character in Bad Teacher is seen smoking a joint and a bowl and ripping a hit off a tornado bong.

So she’s definitely not against smoking marijuana. She’ll admit that it’s something she did and hasn’t pretended otherwise.

She hasn’t ever stated that she doesn’t smoke anymore, so it’s safe to assume she hasn’t quit and hasn’t had any negative experiences with the herb.

Does Cameron Diaz smoke weed often? No one but those close to her would know. She might not smoke now, but she definitely has a past with cannabis.

It’s something she’s never tried to hide. We at least know she’ll pass and puff with her dear friend Drew Barrymore.

Thoughts on Smoking Cannabis

While she’s casually mentioned smoking throughout the years, Diaz hasn’t given her thoughts on smoking. It’s known that she has smoked but no one knows if her preferred method of smoking.

There are no sources that state what Cameron Diaz’s thoughts are on legalizing marijuana but, given her history, she’s probably not against it.

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