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CBD Tinctures – Comparisons, Benefits and How To Make It

Liam on May 12, 2017 0 Comments

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With the growth of the cannabis industry and the production of increasingly specialized forms of cannabis use and consumption like dabbing, buyers may have started to notice a separation of cannabis products into CBD and THC. Knowing the difference between the two could guarantee whether that tincture the user bought would produce a medicinal, pain-treating … Read More

Cannabis Edibles, Popular

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil – A Complete Guide to Benefits, Uses, Recipe, Comparisons and More

Liam on April 27, 2017 0 Comments

What Is Cannabis Coconut Oil? Coconut oil has been increasingly embraced by the cannabis community in recent years due to its natural medicinal benefits and its superiority as marijuana transporter. This plant-based ingredient has the highest potency of saturated fats of any oil, making it the most effective medium to bind the fat-soluble THC. For … Read More

Cannabis Edibles, Popular

THC Lube – Uses, Benefits, Effects, and DIY Recipe

Liam on February 4, 2017 0 Comments

Cannabis and sex?—what could be better?! This perfect little combination is exactly what THC lube offers, allowing users to take in the pleasing effects of THC while exploring their wild sides. If you’ve never heard of THC lube before, we don’t blame you. It isn’t exactly something you will easily spot in the aisle next … Read More

Cannabis Edibles, Popular

A Complete Guide to Cannabutter – What it is, Benefits, Recipe, and Much More

Liam on January 17, 2017 0 Comments

What is Cannabutter? Cannabutter, or marijuana-infused butter, is commonly used as the main ingredient to create cannabis recipes and edibles. If you have ever had a pot brownie or cookie, you have likely already ingested cannabutter, as it is the most popular method of creating marijuana edibles. This is because butter is the tastiest medium … Read More

How to Make the Best Weed Firecrackers

Cannabis Edibles

How To Make The Best Weed Firecrackers

Liam on February 12, 2016 0 Comments

If you are a regular to smoking weed, then you have certainly heard all about firecrackers. Now we are not talking about those tiny explosives that can take off a finger, we are talking about firecrackers weed. The kind of delicacy that involves baked crackers and getting extremely lit. If you are still new to … Read More

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