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Ceramic Bongs – Benefits and Increasing Popularity

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In addition to all the benefits of smoking with ceramic bongs, they really can be some of the most fun smoking devices on the market.

This particular type bong usually comes in fun and unique shapes painted in a variety of bright colors.


From scary space aliens, wizards, snakes, flying dragons, and even an enormous penis, imagine the looks of your friends when they wrap their lips around the bong to take a huge hit.

Some of the ceramic bongs are so unique they are works of art, so you have the ability to place them discreetly on a shelf without worry anyone will give them a second glance.

Whether you are part of a huge smoking party of you like to smoke alone, ceramic bongs offer something for everyone. Here are a few reasons why this type of bong should be added to your smoking arsenal.

The Ceramic Bong Basics

Before we go into all the benefits of the ceramic bongs and which currently is the top-rated in this niche, we have to talk about functionality.

The bong is both water-tight and air-tight, complete with a stem that will guide the air under the water level and a packing bowl.

ceramic bong

There will be a hole, carburetor, shotty, rush, bink, or choke, somewhere on the outside of the ceramic bongs that acts like a passageway to get fresh air into the bong.

Ceramic bongs come in unique shapes and designs, so each may discreetly hide the carb hole in plain sight.

Ceramic Bongs With Water and Without

One of the safest ways to smoke your weed is with a bong. With the huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, also comes the choice of those that utilize water and those that do not.

The benefits of using ceramic bongs without water are similar to hitting the pipe or rolling a joint, you can take a huge rip and get all that beautiful THC in your lungs each time.

Beginner be warned, just because you can take a bigger rip doesn’t mean you should, the smoke will be white-hot and the hit ultra powerful.

The ceramic bongs with water allow you to rip to your heart’s content without that burning sensation in your lungs and throat. You may absorb less of the THC, but the cooler smoke means you don’t have to hold anything back.

Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Acrylic Bongs

Whether you are just packing your first bowl or you have been to this rodeo a few times, it doesn’t hurt to know a little about your competition when you are trying to decide the best weed smoking device material.

Some long-time stoners swear by glass bogs, while others will only use ceramic. Once you are in the game for a while, personal preference will be trumped by functionality, durability, and affordability.

[thrive_icon_box color=’green’ style=’1′ image=’’]The following list will give you the basics of the ceramic, glass, metal, and acrylic bongs.

Ceramic Bongs

The ceramic bongs are more durable than glass, and less expensive too.

With these type bongs, you have a choice of endless styles and designs from the Beatles Yellow Submarine, wizards, mushrooms, pot leafs, and for the ladies, a 12-inch ceramic penis.

Creative designs are like works of art, able to sit out on a shelf and never garnish any unwanted attention. Great taste, great price, durable.

Glass Bongs

Although the glass bongs offer supreme taste qualities, the unique designs come at a cost. These are the most expensive of the weed bongs and are extremely fragile.

This is not the type bong you want to be handing around at the party to the guy who has butter fingers. One drop and the shattered bong means party over. Great taste, high price, very fragile.

Metal Bongs

While the metal bong is both affordable and durable, most weed smokers complain the taste is too distracting.

Even if you scored the bong at a rock-bottom price. you have to deal with the bong getting hot to the touch and the weed has that metallic aftertaste.

These two reasons alone turn many seasoned smokers off from using metal bongs for smoking their stash. Terrible taste, affordable, durable.

Acrylic Bongs

The acrylic bongs are as colorful and creatively designed as the ceramic, with one big exception, they taste horrible.

You are basically smoking from a piece of twisted plastic, and once heated, gives off weird odors that diminish your smoking experience.

These are the basic of all bongs, and nowhere in the league of glass or ceramic bongs. If you are strapped for cash and need a bong, these are the cheapest, but it would be wise to save your money until you can buy a low-end ceramic or glass bong. Terrible taste, cheap, durable.

Top Rated Ceramic Bongs

Now we have reached the point in this article where we go and take a closer look at the top-rated ceramic bongs currently being sold online.

These bongs are versatile, affordable, stylish, functional, and make incredible conversation pieces.

In no particular order, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best-selling and most popular ceramic bongs available today:

The Grim Reaper

This tall, dark, cloaked ceramic Grim Reaper bong will terrify and satisfy you at the same time. Hand-crafted to look exactly like the messenger of Death himself, the Grim Reaper bong casts aside his symbolic scythe and offers you a unique bowl and downtube for your smoking pleasure.

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This particular ceramic bong utilizes a chimney-style mouthpiece on top of the Grim Reaper’s cloak, with the carb hole on his back. Hand-painted attractive piece ideal for the serious weed pipe enthusiast. Sturdy, affordable durable, attractive, complete with metal stem and removable bowl for easy cleaning.

The Wizard

What kind of smoking party would it be without an appearance from the wizard? This ceramic bong comes complete with a wide stable base, and a rounded body that is ideal for holding without slippage.

Tons of smoke-cooling volume within the body of the wizard, hand-painted design, looks like an ordinary statue on your bookshelf when hiding in plain sight.


The wizard does have his secrets, both bowl and stem are removable, and when packed with herbal goodness provides a smooth and clean hit every single time. Portable, affordable, stunning design, and completely versatile.

The Yellow Submarine

Who isn’t a fan of the Beatles? Now you can toke along with an iconic piece of Beatles history, their easily recognized Yellow Submarine ceramic bong.

This unique-designed bong will certainly throw off the dogs because when seated on a shelf looks exactly like a piece of Beatles memorabilia.

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While the hand-crafted design keeps busybodies away from its true identity, it actually is quite a functional little smoking device. The up periscope works as the pipe, but this bong is more than meets the eye.

The top section can be lifted off to reveal a secret stash hiding compartment. Little more costly than other ceramic bongs, worth the price for doubling as a weed container.

The Alien

You will not mistake the alien ceramic bong when you see it, complete with four hoses sprouting out from the top of the head for several people to take hits at the same time.

Hand-crafted design, the alien face comes complete with four metal-tipped hoses popping out of his head, complete with hand-painted color finish and made to last.

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Not only will each person get a clean hit each time they rip from the alien face, the wide base will allow it to sit safely without tipping over. Removable bowl and tube ideal for cleaning, affordable, and durable.

The Pot Leaf

If money is an issue, you will not find a more durable and affordable ceramic bong than the pot leaf design.

This little white bong is bare-bones, has the wide mouthpiece and huge green pot leaf painted right on the side of the bong.

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This little affordable bong is perfect for travel, not so ideal however for putting up on the shelf because that green leaf is certainly going to draw its share of attention.

While the stem is not removable, it is made to last and will provide you a clean rip every time it is your turn to hit the pipe.

The Magic Mushroom

If you are looking for ceramic bongs that offer you the ability to hide them in plain sight easily, the magic mushroom is the king of stealth water pipes.

If you place your magic mushroom bong on the shelf, it looks like a work of art even close up. This is because the removable mushroom head hides all the mechanics of this bong easily.

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Once the huge mushroom cap is removed, you get to see the huge metal bowl concealed within. The smaller mushroom cap is removed and there you have the mouthpiece.

The carb hole is strategically placed on the back. Durable, affordable, and by far the leader in concealment.

The Naked Lady

Perhaps the best-selling ceramic bong of all time, there is just something about smoking weed and the magnificence of the female body that seem to go together perfectly.

Now while taking a huge rip from a 12-inch penis bong is more of a novelty, the naked lady bong is for the true weed connoisseur.

Make no mistake that there is no concealment properties with this bong, everyone within a hundred feet will know exactly what this device is used for. Hand-painted and eye-catching design, study base design and provides the perfect clean rip every time.

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Water pipe comes with two hoses to drag and both the stem and bowl is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

There you have it guys and gals, everything you ever wanted to know about ceramic bongs. These are certainly a step up from acrylic and metal bongs, only rivaled by the more expensive glass bongs.

These unique smoking devices not only come in a wide variety of fun shapes and designs, they are more of a conversation piece than just a smoking apparatus.

They offer unique functionality, are moderately priced, and offer a clean and crisp smoking experience.

Each time you take a rip from a ceramic bong, you are enjoying all the herbal goodness and nothing else.

Versatile in that they are not only durable, you can place them up on the bookshelf and they work as conversation pieces as well as little works of art.

If you are serious about your weed smoking, step up from plastic and metal bongs and join the ranks of the true weed-smoking professionals.

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