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Cigarette Cases and Boxes – You Will Never See Broken Cigarette Again

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 Cigarette cases and boxes

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as when you go to smoke and pull out your joint or cigarettes, only to find that it got crushed when you sat down.

To prevent such disappointments, smokers of all types could do with a cigarette case.

A cigarette case is probably one of the most underrated smoking accessories, even though they help to protect your cigarettes and/or joints.

Whether it’s protection against crushing or getting wet, cigarette cases are very effective.

Cigarette cases come in a variety of types, from plastic and metal, to handcrafted leather. And they don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all for those who enjoy smoking 100s – there are cigarette cases 100s too.

There are even cases that fit an entire box of cigarettes, so you can skip the hassle of transferring your smokes from one box to another and conceal the ugly packaging with your own, eye-catching case.

There is also a fine degree of discretion that comes with cigarette cases, which is why it is such a hit.

Cigarette case with cigarettes

A cigarette case can doubly function as a stash box, and no one has to be the wiser.

There are also cigarette cases with a one hitter dugout, so your one hitter can have an inconspicuous and easy-to-carry compartment all its own.

Those who get caught up in the smoking vs vaping debate will also be able to find a cigarette case to their liking.

So read on and find out if there is a cigarette case that is right for you!

Benefits of Cigarette Box

Cigarette boxes most closely resemble the boxes of cigarettes that you buy at the store. They are shaped the same, and they have a hinged top that opens up to reveal your cigarettes.

Cigarette boxes can come in a variety of colors and designs.

These are not to be confused with a cigarette rolling box, which is a box with a roller that helps people create perfect, hand-rolled cigarettes.

Cannabis smokers like to use the rolling boxes as well when pulling out their best blunt wraps because they help to roll beautiful, well-rounded blunts.

With a rolling box and an awesome rolling tray, smokers of all kinds can be set.

Benefits of Cigarette Cases

A standard cigarette case is a bit different in design from the cigarette boxes.

Cigarette cases are flat cases that fold open in the middle and that you can flip open oh-so-coolly whenever you want to light one up.

They typically can fit all the cigarettes out of one, regular-sized box.

Leather Cigarette Case

If you’re a fan of fine craftsmanship, then a leather cigarette case is the way to go.

Not only do they work well on a functional level, but leather cigarette cases also give the user a certain distinguished or maybe even rustic air.

Either way, leather is always in style and in the best of taste.

Metal Cigarette Case

The cigarette boxes tend to be metal, but they are nothing like some of the metal cigarette cases on the market.

Metal cigarette case

Metal cigarette cases are often engraved with eye-catching designs, and their durable material makes them a sold investment for years to come.

Cigarette Case with Lighter

It’s surprising that this design feature isn’t more popular – a cigarette case with a lighter. It’s all a smoker could ask for.

These types of cases come in various materials, but one thing is sure – they’ll never leave the smoker hanging without a light.

The part that holds the lighter is sometimes built into the case itself, next to where the cigarettes or joint might go, or there might be a separate pouch specially designed to hold a standard lighter.

Top 5 Cigarette Cases

Because of the sheer variety of cigarette cases, these are the best cigarette cases in each category and comprise our list of top 5 cigarette cases.
Read on and see if the case you’ve been looking for is right here!

Extra Hard Box Full Pack Cigarette Case Hard Plastic Cigarette Case Box

With this package, buyers will actually receive 6 cigarette boxes, each in a different color.
Extra Hard Box Full Pack Cigarette Case
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Hard plastic protects the cigarettes from damage, while a flip-top makes it easy to open and access the cigarettes. This cigarette box can hold both regular and 100s cigarettes.

Smooth Leather (100s) Nickle-Plated Metal Cigarette Case

Crafted from genuine leather and with nickel-plated hinges, this cigarette case is a classic. It’s available in a variety of colors, from burgundy, black, or red, to lizard and crocodile prints.
Smooth Leather (100s) Nickle-Plated Metal Cigarette Case
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The case can accommodate a full pack of cigarettes, and can fit either regular or 100s cigarettes. Inside the case there are double clips that make sliding out a cigarette smooth and easy.

Soft Genuine Leather Cigarette Case Tobacco Holder Saver Pocket Box with Travel Mirror

This classy case is made of soft, 100 percent genuine leather.
It comes in a selection of five colors, perfect for both men and women.
Soft Genuine Leather Cigarette Case
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For convenience, a sleek travel mirror is included that can easily fit into the case. It is large enough to hold a cigarette pack and a lighter.

Victorian Era Crush Proof Chrome Cigarette Case

With its engravings and design, this metal cigarette case is reminiscent of the Victorian era or even the Old West.

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Designed like a standard cigarette case but with true craftsmanship, this metal case is great for anyone who wants more than a standard, boring case. It’s large enough to hold regulars, kings, and 100s.

New Marshal Genuine Cigarette Case Holder

This cigarette case with lighter is the perfect meeting of design and function.
The case is made of genuine leather, with the main compartment large enough to hold a pack of cigarettes.
New Marshal Genuine Cigarette Case Holder
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The lighter holder is on the side, and a belt-attachment makes carrying this case entirely hassle-free. The Marshal cigarette case comes in a variety of 14 colors with options for different finishes.

Photo from: stevanovicigor / depositphotos.com, aguirre_mar / depositphotos.com

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