Need To Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours? Stay Calm and Continue Reading…

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Need To Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours? Stay Calm and Continue Reading...

So, you’ve got a drug test coming up fast? Don’t sweat it. Here are several tricks to help you pass your urine test within 24 hours – no matter how much you light up.

About THC

Here’s the deal: cannabis is actually really hard to clear out of your system quickly.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main chemical compound in cannabis – it’s the good stuff that get’s you high.

When you consume cannabis, your body metabolizes the THC and creates a metabolite called THC-COOH which gets stored in your fat cells before your body flushes it out. Because of this, THC metabolites can stay in your body for quite awhile.

Depending on how often (and how much) you smoke, cannabis can be detectable to a drug test for up to 75 days.

If you’re a light smoker (2 times a week), you can expect to be fully flushed of THC metabolites within 3 weeks after your last toke.

But, if you’re a daily user, plan for at least 2 months before you’re in the clear.

I know, I know. You don’t have that kind of time – chill, bro. I’m gonna show you the best steps to take to pass your test even if you’ve still got those pesky THC metabolites in your body.

What To Do Now (Tips and Tricks)

1. Stop Smoking

This is the least fun of all the tips, but it’s definitely the most important. If you’ve got a drug test coming up soon, you’ve gotta put down the pipe for a bit. The last thing you want is to add to the amount of cannabis in your system.

2. Eat Lots of Fiber

Most of the THC metabolites in your body exit through your feces. Start eating foods really high in fiber to help you get those chemicals out faster.

3. Drink Water

You’re going to want to drink plenty of fluids to help flush those metabolites out of your system.

Be aware, though, that drinking too much water is going to look pretty sketchy to the guys running the test because it’s going to make your urine very diluted.

Trust me, they’ll be on the lookout for extra watery urine samples and they’ll most likely make you take the test again. We’ll get to how you can cover up your diluted sample in just a second.

4. Don’t Excercise

That’s right, you get a free pass today! Over the long run, exercising will help clear your body of THC metabolites, but if your test is coming up soon, exercising is only going to cause your THC levels to spike.

When you work out, you’re burning fat cells containing those metabolites which will release them into your body.

That’s not gonna be great when it comes time to take your test. So, skip the squats until after you’ve passed.

Before The Test

B Bitamins

You’ve been drinking water like crazy, right? Good. Now it’s time to add a few things to make your diluted urine seem more…well…normal. Several hours before your test, take 50-100mg of B Vitamins (B-2 or B-12 work the best).

This will give your urine a yellow color – even if you’ve been chugging bottles of Aquafina all day. Plus, since your body naturally gets rid of B Vitamins through your urine, it will help your sample not look suspicious when they test it in the lab.


Creatine is a chemical waste product your body naturally gets rid of through your urine. Several hours before your test, take a heavy dose of creatine – you can find these supplements at any health food store.

Your body will break it down within a few hours and then start flushing it out through your urine – making sure your urine sample appears regular.

Detox products

There are lots of great detox products to give you the extra edge before taking your drug test. Rapid Clear Detox Drinks work by inhibiting your body’s ability to metabolize its fat cells – making it hold its drug toxins (THC metabolites) for a few hours so you can pee clean.

Detox drinks and products

On top of that, they have all the B Vitamins and Creatine the testers will be looking for in your sample. You can get the same effect with their Rapid Clear Emergency Detox Capsules, just make sure you get the proper formula for your body weight.

NOTE: Urine tests are by far the most common, but Rapid Clear also makes a Detox Mouthwash for saliva drug tests and Detox Shampoo for hair drug tests.

During The Test

When you’re taking your drug test, you’re going to want to use only the middle of your “stream”. The beginning and ending of your urine stream contain the most THC metabolites so make sure to only get the cleanest, middle portion into the cup.

One More Thing

The dilution method is great if you’re a light to moderate smoker. But, if you’re a heavy consumer (or if you’re still freaked out about passing), you can always use a pre-made synthetic urine like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine – urine that was made in a lab rather than the human body.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

It has the same color, chemical makeup, and consistency of normal urine and is completely non-detectable by the lab testers.

This is the perfect option if your test isn’t monitored. If it is monitored, consider using a product Piss Perfect which is a whizzinator alternative that is taking over the market.

They make all kinds of discreet devices to help you use synthetic urine during a monitored drug test.

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