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5 Quick Ways To Clear The Smell Of Smoke Out Of A Room Really Fast

Liam on January 20, 2016 0 Comments

man smoking weed in the room

One of the hazards of smoking weed is being discovered because the smoke trail alerted the party police you were up to no good.

Knowing how to clear the smell of smoke out of a room really fast will allow you to continue the party at a later time without revealing your secret identity.

Way 1:

In the event that you need to clear out the smoke quickly, have a fire ready to go in the fireplace.

The fireplace acts like a vacuum, sucking out the room air and sending it up and out the chimney.

Keep some wood in the fireplace in case you need to clear out the smell on a moments notice.

Way 2:

One of the easiest ways to eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke is to simply disguise it with cigarette smoke.

Keep a pack of cigarettes at the ready, and quickly light up to disguise the smell. The cigarette smoke kills any other smells in the room quickly.

cigarette smoke in the room

Way 3:

Invest in a small air neutralizing product.

They are similar in size to a can of fragrance sprays, but rather than simply mask or cover the odor, the neutralizing spray chemically breaks down the odor and will easily clear out the smell of smoke.

Way 4:

To quickly clear the room of any hint of smoke, place some vanilla extract in a bowl with water and microwave for 30 seconds on high.

Place the heated solution in the center of the room, it will act like an air freshener on steroids, consuming the smoke and transforming the air quality.

Way 5:

Quickly grab a clean towel and soak half of it in water.

Add a few drops of vinegar to the wet end of the towel, then grab the dry end and begin to swirl the towel over your head.

The towel quickly soaks up the smoke and leaves behind a hint of vinegar to throw off the dogs.

The normal reaction here would be to crack a window to eliminate the marijuana smoke, but if the breeze is blowing inside the room, the smell can actually travel even further inside the house.

Keep the windows closed and attack at the source.

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