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The Secrets Of Using The Detox Drinks For THC

Liam on February 1, 2016 0 Comments

The Secrets Of Using The Detox Drinks For THC

woman using detox drink for thc

So you are wondering if the detox drinks for THC will get your system clean.

Regardless if you are trying to pass a drug test, or just get the weed out of your system in the event of a surprise evaluation, using detox drinks for THC is certainly the way to get cleaner faster.

Even though many parts of the country are finally coming around and realizing the incredible healing powers of marijuana, it is still illegal and frowned upon in most states.

Having to detox the body of weed after having an enjoyable weekend has become part of the norm, and instead of worrying about random drug tests, people are turning to drinks to detox their system safely

How Long Will Weed Stay in My System?

The weed is stored to a degree in the liver, heart, and brain, mainly stored in fat cells that allow them to be easily detected long after you smoke.

If you do not take the appropriate steps to detox the THC, you will fail the drug test even days after you smoke.

The more important concern here isn’t how long will the weed stay in the body, but how long will it give off a positive result.

using detox drinks for weed smoke

Usually, the life of the THC and metabolites is one to two weeks, getting lower in concentration as the days pass.

In chronic users, the traces of marijuana can remain in the urine for even longer than two weeks.

Factors like frequency, potency, and last time smoked all play into the amounts of THC in the body. Luckily, there is a way to cleanse the system.

Do Detox Drinks for THC Work?

Utilizing detox drinks to rid the body of the THC flushes those contaminants and other detectable metabolites out of the system.

Although the body detoxifies on its own, the detox drinks speed up the process and allow you to pass that drug test sooner.

Helping the body along with detox drinks will increase your urination and sweating, cleansing the system faster and thoroughly.

Following the instructions on the detox drink is important because if you drink too much too soon, you could alter the urine sample to the point that it looks highly suspicious.

Speeding up the detox process will allow the body to get back to a normal balanced state quickly.

detox drinks for thc

Utilizing Detox Drinks for THC

The bottom line when it comes to cleansing the body of THC, drink, drink, drink.

As long as you follow the instructions with your drink, you will effectively rid the body of the metabolites and cleanse from within.

The detox drink acts like a transportation system, carrying out the THC through the urine and sweat.

The drinks cleanse the kidneys, keep you hydrated, and detox the body so that your system should pass the test if that unexpected cup appears on your desk this week.

For weekend warriors, the sooner you grab a detox drink the better because the fluids need to coarse through those organs and collect as much of the THC as possible.

Using these detox drinks will be far more effective than other unconventional ways to pass the drug test.

The detox drink gives the body a little boost in house cleaning, finding and removing those tiny traces of THC before they are detected by the testing kit.

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