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Important Benefits of Using Diffuser Beads with Your Bong

Liam on October 27, 2016 0 Comments

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Does this sound like something that has recently happened to you when you broke out the bong for a little smoking fun?

You sparked up your albino weed from your stash box, took a fat bong rip, and you went screaming to the kitchen as your throat was on fire and you needed anything cool to eliminate the burning sensation all the way to your lungs.

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The trouble is a result of the smoke building up too fast in the bong, allowing you to get too much in your mouth each hit.

Luckily there is a simple solution that will not require you to trade in your favorite water pipe or bong.

The answer is diffuser beads. Let’s discuss what they are, are they safe, the benefits, and keeping these beads clean too.

What Are Diffuser Beads?

To better understand what are diffuser beads, you have to know what problem they eliminate. Regardless of the size or style of your bong, the chamber simply allows smoke to build up and then rush to the mouthpiece when you take a hit.


Too much smoke means a burning of the throat or lungs each hit. The only solution up to now was taking baby hits like from a mini bong, but that is not what hitting the six shooter pipe is all about.

[thrive_icon_box color=’green’ style=’1′ image=’’]The diffuser beads are tiny little beads that are simply added to the bong that allow the smoke to build up much slower, resulting in the smoke taking longer to reach your mouth.
Basically, the beads cool down the smoke by adding significantly more surface area, creating a percolation chamber that breaks up smoke and making each hit less harsh.[/thrive_icon_box]

Are the Diffuser Beads Safe?

The diffuser beads were developed to help those who find hitting the water pipe a bit harsh, giving them the chance to get a nice rip without the burn.

The beads are usually made of high-grade recycled plastic and 100 percent non-toxic and safe.

When the beads mix with the water and smoke, they force the smoke to separate, traveling around each of the individual beads, basically softening the hit.

Usually, 500-600 beads added to the jar will do the trick.

The beads are not adding or taking away anything from your weed quality, just making the smoke travel a longer distance to get to your mouth.

Even the glow-in-the-dark beads are completely non-toxic and safe for use in any bong.

Water Pipe Expanding Water Beads

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Benefits of the Diffuser Beads

In addition to making the smoke have to travel narrower and longer routes to the mouthpiece, they also help to keep your water pipe clean.

Each time that you use the water pipe, the resin is building up on the inside of the glass and results in you needing to clean the surface occasionally to maximize our smoking experience.

One benefit of adding the diffuser beads to the bong is they act like tiny little magnets by attracting the resin and tar from the smoke, keeping it from sticking to the glass of the bong.

Less build-up on the surface of the bong means it looks cleaner, you spend less time on cleaning and more on smoking.

Cleaning the Diffuser Beads

If there is an occasion where a few of the beads get stuck in the bubbler, use your poker to easily set them free.

The beads are 100% reusable, so when they get dirty from all that resin and tar, they are a breeze to keep clean.

Simply remove all the diffuser beads when you want to clean them, place them back in the container they came in.

Add some bong cleaner or alcohol to the container, shake up the beads, rinse them off with cool water, and they are basically as good as new and ready to use again.


These little powerful beads are light enough to be mixing with the water and smoke, heavy enough to stay in the water when taking a rip.

Now you can take deeper rips of the bong without that burning sensation.

Cleaning your bong just got that much easier because all you have to do is rinse the resin off the beads every few smoking sessions.

Give the diffuser beads a try next time you plan on using your tornado bong, you will wonder how you ever smoked without them.

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