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The Growing Popularity of Gandalf Style Glass Pipes

Liam on June 24, 2016 0 Comments


Gandalf pipe

One of the more unique ways to smoke your marijuana is by using a Gandalf pipe.

These unique glass pipes go by many names from, long glass pipe, long stem glass pipe, and Sherlock pipe, and basically resemble that long stem pipe Sherlock Holmes himself would take a puff on every now and again.

If you are looking for a new smoking pipe, here are four of the top Gandalf pipes for your consideration:

1. Green Glass Gandalf-Style Sherlock Pipe with Color Marbles

This unique glass pipe is both elegant and long, and will easily become the focal point of any serious pipe collection.

The glass pipe measures in at a foot long and combines unique decorations along the stem with a carb hole on the side.

Each glass pipe is hand-blown, meaning your Gandalf pipe will truly be one-of-a-kind. Sit back in amazement as the smoke billows up the glass stem to the mouthpiece, providing a smooth one-of-a -kind smoking experience.

2. The F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden Smoking Pipe

Talk about making a lasting impression at the next party, imagine the looks on your friends faces after passing your new F.e.s.s. smoking pipe around.

This extra-long smoking pipe comes with a nice gift box and is created by a name you can trust. These pipes not only smoke perfectly, they are long enough to keep the flame far away from your face.

Extremely easy to clean, fun to take a drag off of, and highly durable, you can not go wrong with an F.e.s.s. pipe.

The metal stem is strong and will survive even the harshest handling, comes complete with a carbon filter at the of the stem.

3. Amber Glass Gandalf-Style Sherlock Pipe with Color Marbles

Your friends will stare in amazement as your marijuana smoke rises over 12 inches up the long glass stem of your amber-colored Gandalf pipe.

The amber glass is decorated along the stem with colored glass marbles and marinas. Hand-blown to add a unique piece to your glass pipe collection, each hit will provide you with the full, rich flavor of your stash.

Never worry again about your guest breaking your favorite glass pipe, these are made to be durable and provide years of exceptional smoking experiences.

4. Clear Glass Gandalf-Style Sherlock Pipe with Color Marbles

This unique Gandalf-style glass pipe utilizes fumed clear glass with unique glass marbles and marinas along the stem to create a stunning addition to your smoking collection.

The unique properties of the fumed glass actually appear to be changing colors when smoke passes through.

Each time resin builds, the glass becomes a shade deeper than the time before. If you prefer the original color, you can easily clean the pipe to restore the original appearance.

If you want to add a unique glass piece to your smoking collection and really spark up the conversations at your next party, grab yourself a new Gandalf pipe today!

If you want to learn and make your own homemade Gandalf’s pipe, click here.

Photos from: VIPDesignUSA / depositphotos.com

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