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What Is Grow Tent and What Are Specifications of a Good Setup

Marijuana plants inside grow tent

Although weed culture gives off such a mellow mood, there are some aspects of production that are far more serious and require a lot more attention.

Marijuana farming has been steadily increasing in popularity in states that allow recreational or medical usage. It may be hard work, but it certainly pays off.

The voluminous amount of information to successfully pull off this project can be a lot to handle though.

This guide will assist in educating you on how to get started, the best grow tents and a full overview of the process.

What is a Grow Tent?

Grow tents are a piece of equipment that uses hydroponics to encourage quality growth and development in marijuana plants. These plants are incredibly sensitive and require a specific environment to thrive.

Grow boxes like pc grow box, and large rooms are great for growing, but stealth boxes can only grow a few plants, and rooms require large amounts of atmospheric control.

A grow tent helps to fill the gap between those two options.

The basic structure of these tents includes a fabric covering and a series of poles that create a frame.

Usually, the fabric is reflective so that all heat generated within the enclosure stays inside. There are normally zipper openings and different ports for electricity and ventilation.

Grow tent sizes vary to allow for a spectrum of yields quantity. Tents are preferred over other methods of growing because of their ease in maintaining humidity, light, and temperature.

The Specifications of a Good Grow Tent Setup

While shopping around for the best fit for your space and needs, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Grow tents should be sturdy, durable, reliable and stealthy, if needed.

Standard Factors Required for Cannabis Production

  • Fire resistant – although this is unlikely, it would be a shame to lose an entire yield of plants to an accidental spark or fire.
  • Quality fabric – since climate is so crucial to maintaining a proper growing environment, purchasing a tent with good fabric can help you avoid tears or rips. Further, strong fabric helps mask odor and prevent pests from invading the space.
  • Adjustable and strong poles – since the tent will be enduring the weight of both fans and LED grow lights, the structure will need to be able to handle anything.
  • Quality zippers – this is a part of grow tents that people forget often. You’ll likely be checking on your plants daily so you want to make sure that the zippers won’t tear or burst.
  • Cord ports – it may slip your mind, but you will need space to feed the power, light, and air into the tent. Built in cord ports make this step easier for setup and maintenance.
  • Ventilation – these special panels allow intake and outtake regulation. This adds to the tens ability to maintain the proper environment, so make sure you choose a tent with well thought out ventilation.

Advanced Extras to Search For

These options are not required to get a grow tent going, but can make the process a bit easier.

  • Windows for observation – this feature allows you to look in the tent without having to fuss with zippers. It also helps you to avoid any CO2 flooding when the door is open.
  • Trellis Nets – when the plants get too heavy with bud, trellis’ help to support them so you can grow bigger flowers.
  • Removable flood trays – spills happen sometimes and the best way to combat possible crisis is to have the right measures in place. Flood trays can make clean up easier.
  • Pockets – If you are looking for a larger grow tent, you may be working inside it more often. Pockets can make it easier to keep PPM/pH meters close along with magnifiers, scissors or pens.

DIY Grow Tents

If you are looking to make your own grow tent instead of purchasing one, you’re going to have to locate materials and space to get it going.

The quantity of the materials needed will be dependent on the grow tent size you’re aiming.

Materials needed for diy grow tent

You will need at minimum, tent poles that are rearrangeable and durable, strong fabric that reflects and if applicable, zippers to assist in easier entry and exit.

Creating your own grow tent can be a labor of love. Although it’s hard work, it can allow you pure flexibility and creative license.

You have total control over the modifications and functionality that your tent has.

The advanced and standard factors list from above may be of great help for brainstorming while working through this project. If done correctly, building your own tent can be a cheaper option than buying one.

The Verdict

During this research, I can positively say that purchasing a grow tent would fit my needs best. With limited space, the Oshion Indoor Tent has stood out as a favorite.

Many of the customer ratings note that it was not only easy to set up, but that its claim of zero light leakage was indeed true.

Overall, if you’re looking to get into the business, grow tents are a great way to experiment with cannabis strains, start a small operation or just enjoy the loving process of growing your own plant.

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