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Amazing Dancing Bubbles in the Honeycomb Percolator Bongs

Liam on December 26, 2015 0 Comments

Honeycomb bongs

The next time you have a party and want to blow the minds of all the smokers in the room, consider purchasing your very own honeycomb percolator bong.

This bong is as visually amazing as it is at providing a smooth clean drag.

Watching the hundreds of tiny bubbles dance inside the clear glass chamber is more of a show than drawing from any other type bong.

The honeycomb percolator bongs are extremely affordable and will certainly help to bring the party to a completely different level.

The Unique Honeycomb Design

The most distinct feature of the honeycomb percolator bong is the little-perforated platforms contained in the glass chamber.

Each disc looks exactly like the honeycomb bees make, but their function is what makes this smoking experience quite unique.

The more holes in the disc, the more tiny bubbles divide up the smoke that begins to pass through.

Not only can the discs have a different amount of holes, different honeycomb percolators have different layers of honeycombs, sometimes stacked three high.

Simply put, the more holes in the chamber, the better the diffusion will be.




















Better Smoking Experience

The reason that smokers prefer the honeycomb percolator is because all those additional tiny bubbles give you a greater buildup with less of a drag.

Each level of the bong can have as many as 100 tiny holes, that equates to a very clean hit that provide a one-of-a-kind drawing experience. These little diffusers rest above the water level, lying parallel to the waters edge.

When you take a draw on the bong, air is quickly drawn up to that piece, creating bubbles in the water that are then forced to contact the honeycomb.

When passing through the honeycomb layer, the bubbles are reduced in size but yet increase the interaction between water and smoke.

This provides the least possible drag with the largest diffusion.

Unique Trap Construction

The small honeycomb platforms, or traps, are basically in place to help filter the smoke that passes through.

The more of these percolators, the better drag and filtration, while helping to reduce resin passing through.

The more artistically shaped the honeycomb percolator bong, the more visually appealing the drawing experience.

Stacked one on top of another in the bong upper chamber, the higher the water and smoke have to pass through these honeycombs, the better the overall smoking experience.

Unique Ability to Cool the Hit

ice cubes for cooling the hit of honeycomb bong

One of the most beneficial uses of the honeycomb percolator bong is the ability to stack ice cubes on top of the honeycombs to cool the hit.

With the ice resting on the platform, as smoke passes through the tiny holes, it is instantly cooled to the touch so it eliminates any chance of you burning your throat during a long hit.

Fast becoming one of the most popular bongs on the market today, the honeycomb percolator is an affordable option for the stone who wants to get the cleanest possible hit.

The combined functionality and unique design of the honeycomb percolator bong will transform the way you smoke.

Each hit is strong and clean, and you get the added benefits of watching your very own little show every time you drag.

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