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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Car – Fast and Simple Cleaning Tips

Liam on November 3, 2016 0 Comments

get rid off weed smell in the car

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weed smoke and smell in the car

Whether you were hosting a smoking party in your car at the parking lot waiting for your favorite concert to start of you lit up your cross joint on the way home from a long day at work, one thing is certain, the interior of your car smells like the inside of your alien bong now.

Leaving the windows cracked for the next few days will do nothing to dissipate that lingering smoke, so you need to take some proactive steps to clear the air so to speak.

Here are a few simple tips on how to get rid of weed smell in the car.

Removing the Smell of Weed from the Car Interior

Regardless if you just finished smoking your weed in the car or had some stoners in the back seat last week, before you can start cleaning you will need to get a hold of some supplies.

[thrive_icon_box color=’green’ style=’1′ image=’http://liamw6.sg-host.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/real-marijuana-leaf-20140302marijuana.jpg’]Get a small basket or box and place in it some carpet and upholstery cleaner, paper towels, sponges, dryer sheets, air freshener, glass cleaner, Fabreeze, Axe, and a bottle of Simple Green.
Keep all these supplies in the trunk and you won’t have to go on a scavenger hunt the next time you want to give the car interior a quick cleaning.[/thrive_icon_box]

1. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

The first thing you need to address when learning how to get rid of weed smell in the car is to scrub the carpeting and upholstery.

If you have leather seats, then you need only focus on the floors. Wipe down the upholstery and carpeting with your cleaner, allow the cleaner to soak into the material.

Use a shop-vac or do your cleaning at a self-service car wash, then vacuum up all the cleaning solution from all the carpeting. The cleaner will leave those surfaces smelling like new.


2. Wiping Down the Dashboards

Mix your Simple Green in a bucket with warm water and soak the sponges in the cleaning solution.

Start wiping down the dashboard, control panel, door panels, basically anything that you couldn’t clean with the carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Weed smoke can hide just about anywhere, so be sure to wipe down the steering wheel, seat belts, even the floor mats.

Once you have wiped down the dashboards, use paper towels to dry off those locations and give it a new clean look.

cleaning the dashboard from weed smoke and smell

3. The Headliner

One thing that most stoners miss when trying to eliminate the smell of weed smoke from the car is the headliner.

Smoke rises, and the material on the inside of the roof acts like a magnet for smoke, so regardless how well you scrubbed the car, it still smells like you are inside a bong.

Don’t soak the headliner or it will become damaged and sag. Soak your sponge in the cleaning solution, then wring out all the water.

Gently wipe the sponge over the surface of the headliner, then quickly blot dry with a dry sponge or paper towels.


4. Clear the View

The more you smoke weed in the car, the more smoke gets everywhere. The windshield is where some of the smoke and resin clings like a magnet and creates a greenish blue film on the glass.

Use your glass cleaner and paper towels to eliminate any traces of the weed remnants on the glass.

5. The Quick Clean

If you took a few hits of your joint and are worried the car may smell like weed, you can do a quick touch up so nobody is any the wiser if they get in your car.

Grab the dryer sheets from your cleaning box in the truck, and rub one over the floor mats, seats, and then tuck it up under the inside of the passenger seat.

They work like traditional air fresheners, but out of sight while doing the work. Other options are simply hanging a new air freshener from the mirror or grab the Fabreeze or Axe body spray and give the headliner and carpeting a little spray.

It may take some time to get the right amount of mist to kill the smell but not overwhelm your passengers, so go lightly at first.

This cleaning tips really work to freshen up any interior, especially if you are trying to kill the smell of your indica or sativa weed.

While smoking weed is best done outside of your car, sometimes things can not be avoided. If lighting up was a necessity, now you have a cleaning box on board to remedy the smoke concerns in a flash.

Photos from: DedMityay / depositphotos.com, HighwayStarz / depositphotos.com, roncivil / depositphotos.com.

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