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How To Make A Ultimate Bong Easily [DIY]

Liam on January 21, 2016 0 Comments

How To Make A Ultimate Bong Easily [DIY]

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So you are sitting home with a nice big ‘ole bag of weed and you don’t have a smoking piece nearby to utilize.

The good news is that stoners are quite ingenious when it comes to creating homemade bongs.

Make that you have something secure enough to use as a bowl, this is very important.

You want to avoid aluminum foil because the oxidation will burn holes in your lungs over time.

Today we are going to learn how to make a homemade bong that utilizes many objects you already have in your home and will allow you to get a nice hit full of concentrated smoke.
DIY homemade bong
Before you begin, you will need the following items:

– Plastic water bottle
– Metal paper clip
– Lighter
– Tape, gum, or sealant
– Metal tube, plastic pen barrel
– Bowl, tool socket

Here are ten simple steps on how to make a homemade bong:

Step 1

We start our journey on making a homemade bong by simply looking for an empty plastic bottle to utilize as the base of operation.

A clear plastic water bottle that is at least 16 ounces will work perfectly. Clean out the inside, rinse, then allow to dry.

Step 2

Unfold the paper clip and heat up one end with your cigarette lighter.

Choose a location two inches up from the bottom of the bottle to punch a hole with the heated piece of metal. The hole should be between 1/4 and 1/8 inches in diameter.

This hole will be how smoke enters the bong from the stem and bowl. The tighter you can make the hole, the less sealant and tape you will need to create a tight fit.

Step 3

Either use a hollowed out plastic pen casing or small metal tube and place one end inside the hole you made in the plastic bottle.

The tube needs to be inserted at a positive angle to ensure your weed does not get wet.

Step 4

Secure your tube to the plastic bottle or your smoke is going to escape.

Secure the tube with a piece of gum, or wrap some tape around the bottle several times to keep the tube position and cover up any opening around the tube.

Test to see if the connection is airtight, blow into the mouthpiece of the water bottle and feel if air is coming out. Rubber grommet sealant works well to close the openings.

bottle of water for making bong

Step 5

Choose something to use as a bowl. If you have access to a cheap bowl from the head shop, that is ideal.

If not, use an old tool socket to attach to the end of the tube. In the worst case, roll a blunt of weed with your rolling papers and stick in the end of the tube.

Step 6

Start filling up the bottle with water to the point that the tube inside the bottle is completely submerged.

There should be at least one inch of water above the highest point of the tube in the water. Don’t put too much water, it will drown out the weed.

Step 7

On the opposite side of the bottle where you made the hole for the tube, it is time to make the clearing hole or the carb.

The same process should be used, simply heat up the end of your paper clip and punch a tiny clearing hole near the water’s edge.

If the hole is too low, the water will spill out every time you smoke.

If the hole is too high, it will not allow the smoke to properly mix with the air, causing too much oxygen inside the bottle.

Step 8

Now the fun begins. Pack the bowl with your stash, then place your finger over the carb or clearing hole.

Light the bowl filled with weed and begin to suck on the top of the water bottle very gently.

Remember this is a homemade bong, not an industrial grade smoking device. Slow and steady with your plastic bong works best.

Step 9

Now simply start to milk the chamber, then quickly let go of the carb or clearing hole, suck in and take a hit. Exhale and repeat until your bowl is empty.

Step 10

Depending on the size of your bowl and the size of the hits, you should get enough smoke to really get a nice buzz.

The smaller plastic water bottles are ideal for one or two people, experiment with the two-liter soda bottles when you want to really kick things up.

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