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How to Make Bubble Hash

Liam on May 27, 2016 0 Comments

bubble hash

The term bubble hash is when you press hash to extract impurities and are left with only pure trichomes.

Compared to traditional hashish that burns up impurities in the resin, with pure trichomes hash the resin melts and bubbles like butter in a hot pan.

Not only is the potency over 50 percent more than traditional hashish, the bubble hash is much better for your lungs too. Once all that vegetable matter is stripped away, you are inhaling the purest essence of the plant.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to make bubble hash from scratch.

Step 1. Bagging the Leaf Trimmings

There are many bubble hash kits available, all have the baggie system that has tiny screens sewn into the bottom of the bags in different microns.

To get the process started, you will need a bucket big enough to handle the size stash you are working with.

Place the bags inside one another from small to large, then add ice and water to the bags and the bucket to screen level.

The bags are designed to strip away those impurities that could be coating your lungs black.

Step 2. Adding Your Stash

Now that the bags are in the bucket with the water and ice, add your stash to the top of the water. Only add buds or leafs, no branches, then add more ice and top off with water before blending.

how to make bubble hash

Step 3. Blending Your Hashish

With a hand mixer, blend the hashish for 10 minutes if you are using a one-gallon bucket or up to 20 minutes for a 20-gallon bucket.

Now let the herb settle for about 20 minutes, the little heads that have broken free from the plant will sink and fall through all the screens.

There must be plenty of ice left in the bucket to achieve maximum results at this point.

bubble hash

Step 4. Removing the Bags

Now that everything has settled, remove the bags one at a time. The first bag has plant matter, empty and rinses the bag.

The next bag has some booty, remove and place on your pressing screen, and repeat the process with all the remaining bags.

The goal here is finding the true melt, so use a rolling pin to remove any water from the stash.

Drying the resin after pressing takes time, so be patient here.

Step 5. Removing Excess Water

Pressing your stash with the rolling-pin and pressing screen does remove the majority of water, but not all of it.

Excess water results in the moldy stash, and this is not something we want. Take your moist hash patties and break them to a fine powder on a piece of cardboard.

The cardboard will draw out any remaining moisture over the course of a few days.

The result is bone-dry hashish ready to be stored for use.

cannabis wax for making bubble hush


When it comes to how to make bubble hash, the pressing is the most important part of the process.

The pressing process enhances both the potency and the taste. Taking your dry resin and pressing it into bubble patties takes some practice, so either use a shoe or your hands and mash that resin to patty form to get the most of your smoking experience.

Got some experience with Bubble Hash? Share it with others in the comments.

Photo from: rbspace / depositphotos.com.

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