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How to Pack a Bowl Correctly For a Greater Smoking Experiance

Liam on April 7, 2017 0 Comments

How to pack a marijuana bowl

Okay, this isn’t as common knowledge as you may think. Whether it is the type of grinder that you’re using or how firm you’re packing the weed, there is a lot to consider when you are packing your bowl.

Even more, bad habits are easy to form. So, even if you think you’re doing it right, you may actually be missing out on a better high and wasting money if you’re not using be right technique.

Smoking a bowl, whether it is in the form of a bong or a glass pipe, is one of the cleanest and most popular ways to smoke marijuana. From solo bowls to party bowls, let’s dive into how you should pack a bowl.

Step 1: First, grinding away…

If you’re smoking pot every day, you really should invest in a good grinder. Also, if you think your grinder is a little worse for wear, then it may be time to splurge.

We advise avoiding plastic teethed grinders, as they don’t offer as clean of a cut as metal options. If you are new to packing your bowl, it may be advisable to purchase a clear weed grinder so that you can see the process and avoid over-grinding.

Whether you’re ballin’ on a budget or you’re wanting a specialty option, check out our top five review of the best five grinders available on the net.

Step 2: The Ganja Breakdown

Remove a nugget from your stash, and start weeding out those stems and seeds. While you’re doing that, a pro tip (at least for bong smokers) is to get a nug (either by seeing if any have fallen off at the bottom of the container or simply break a piece off) that is just a bit bigger than the hole at the bottom of the bowl.

You can use this piece as support for the weed that will go on top (yes, remove any seeds or stems from the nug before using).

Depending on your preference, some bong smokers prefer to break up the weed by hand. If you are wanting to do this, keep in mind that the finer you make will allow it to burn better and make it easier for you to pack.

Make sure you rip it enough so the mound forms at the rim of the bowl without falling out.

If you’d rather grind your weed, it is really important that you don’t overdo the grinding your ganja, especially if you are smoking a bong.

As you inhale the smoke, you always run the risk of the weed seeping through the hole and landing in the water chamber (hence our pro tip above helps prevent this).

Step 3: Good things come in little packages

Did you know, bowls are what this saying refers to? Okay, time to pack.

Transfer the broken down weed into the bowl. With your finger, gently press on the pot, repeating this step if necessary until the pot is even (or just below) the rim. This is the delicate part.

Packing too tightly can disrupt the air flow. Packing too loosely means it won’t burn well enough, harshly impacting your buzz. It is advised that you pack it lighter at the bottom of the bowl, with a denser pack toward the top.

Fill in your smoking bowl

This is where trial and error becomes important, as that is the only way to guarantee you’ll ever get good at your craft.

The main goal at the end is to have an even bowl that has minimal leftovers. So, get in there and get your hands dirty.

Step 4: Bowl Goes Back in the Bong (if that’s your go-to)

If you are smoking a bong, it is important to be really careful when you put the bowl back in the bong.

For you brave souls that pack the bowl while it is still in the bong, that may be one of your bad habits. Either way, be careful not to lose all your hard work or spill any pot in the downstem/water.

Step 5: Time to toke

Whether you’re smoking from a bong or pipe, you are ready to light up.

For pipe smokers, keep in mind that you want to hold your thumb tightly over the hole so the burn is good and smoke circulates, meaning your hit is as good as possible.

Lighting up a bowl

Etiquette and Last Bits for Smoking

A few last-minute pieces of info to consider when you’re smoking your bowl.

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  • If you aren’t smoking alone, the person supplying the weed is who determines who lights first.
  • To guarantee that everyone is getting the same experience, corner the bowl by only lighting a part of the pot. That way, everyone gets a good hit.
  • For already lit bowls, pass that shit. BUT, make sure your neighbor knows it is ‘cherried’.
  • Don’t pocket lighters.
  • Don’t forget to clean your bowl to avoid resin build-up or clogging.[/thrive_icon_box]

Packing a bowl isn’t hard, it just takes practice. If you’re new to this, we are certain with these steps, you are going to become a pro in no time. For an excellent video guide on packing bowls for pipes, mini-bongs, and big bongs, check this video:


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