Does Jay-Z Secretly Smokes Weed or Is That Just a Myth?

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Many rappers are professed stoners, so many of you may think that Jay-Z is a fan of the green plant, but is that really the case? Has Jay-Z ever smoked? Does he still? All these questions and more will be answered below.

Jay-Z’s Career

Jay-Z is an extremely successful American rapper and businessman. He has been praised as one of the best-selling artists of all time as he’s sold over 100 million records.

He holds the record for having the most albums reaching Billboard’s number one spot. He has 13 solo albums, including critically acclaimed ones like The Blueprint, American Gangster, and Reasonable Doubt.

He also has four collaborative albums that are highly regarded. The Best of Both Worlds and Unfinished Business are collaborations he did with R. Kelly.

He also did Collision Course with Linkin Park and Watch the Throne with Kayne West. His last album released was 4:44, which touches on rumors of his infidelity to Beyoncé and social issues such as racism, his family life, and stereotypes.

As a businessman, Jay-Z is equally as successful. He has an empire that spans over a variety of industries and businesses.

Some of them including record labels, real estate, beverages, clothing lines, and sports teams. He founded his own clothing and accessories line known as Rocawear, which sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing.

In 2007, he sold the rights for Rocawear for $204 million. Jay-Z also co-owns the 40/40 club, which started in New York but has expanded to other states and, soon, other countries.

He’s a part owner of the NBA team the Brooklyn Nets. He’s written a memoir. He also bought the parent company of the streaming service Tidal and revamped it to offer high-quality music and higher royalties to artists.

He also has a hand in some philanthropy and has supported Democratic candidates for presidents to shed more light on issues like racism.

How Much Does Jay-Z Smoke?

So Jay-Z has been extremely successful throughout his life, but does he have any connection with Mary Jane? Does he smoke often? Did he ever experience a weed hangover?

How Much Does Jay-Z Smoke?

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The answer is that he probably does not. He’s been stated that he tries to leave weed alone. He also encourages others to stop smoking.

Most famously, he told Rihanna three years ago that she should stop smoking weed. Did his influence have anything to do with her cutting back? No one will ever know.

While it’s likely Jay-Z doesn’t smoke every day, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t smoke at all. He “tries” to stay away from weed, but that doesn’t mean he always succeeds.

It makes you wonder what knowledge does Jay-Z have about marijuana. Does he know about clear rolling papers or smell proof backpacks?

While it’s mostly just rumors that surround whether or not he’s a stoner, there is one confirmed story that he’s smoked at least once.

While working on the song “Izzo” from his album The Blueprint, he smoked some weed. He admitted it to XXL that when he was revising the song, he was having trouble finishing it until he blazed one.

He mentions how a friend of his who sold weed and other drugs came by and told him he just needed to smoke some weed. He attributes that incident to him being able to successfully finish the song.

Thoughts on Smoking Marijuana

While Jay-Z has had one incident with weed that is confirmed, there’s no other evidence supporting that Jay-Z likes to get high.

In another world, it would be interesting to see what kind of stoner Jay-Z would be. Does he know the difference between indica vs sativa?

Even his stance on whether or not he supports the legalization of marijuana is not reported anywhere.

Other questions also arise about how it would have affected his music.

Many people do think that Jay-Z is a secretive smoker and that it has helped his creativity, but no one will ever know since he hasn’t come forward with anything besides that one story.

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