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Mango and Marijuana: The Perfect Combination To Get High

Liam on October 6, 2016 0 Comments

marijuana leaf and mango

Regardless how much marijuana you are smoking each week, it is important that you get the most out of every smoking experience.

Most marijuana smokers will try just about anything they can to increase the level of their high.

Some people try wild weed strains that promise to numb the brain, while other go on the hunt for the elusive strains like the albino weed, all looking to get to that euphoric state of no return.

Rather than going deep in the sewers looking for the elusive albino weed or climbing the Himalayan mountains to find the ideal smoking conditions, you might be surprised to find out that there is something in your local grocery store that can take your smoking experience to a new high for a few bucks.

The Power of the Mango

The mango is available in every local grocery store and will only set you back a couple dollars, but this common fruit has the ability to turn your weed smoking experience into one that you could have only imagined.

[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=”What is Mango?”]The mango is a juicy stone fruit (drupe) belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees, cultivated mostly for edible fruit. The majority of these species are found in nature as wild mangoes. They all belong to the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The mango is native to South Asia, from where it has been distributed worldwide to become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics.[/thrive_text_block]

The mango is packed with essential vitamins, and combined with smoking weed, you get a rush like you have never experienced before.

In addition to the mango being good for your health, they help to make your high last longer.

Rather than toking away at your bong to maintain your high, you can get the same effects chopping down on some fresh mango pieces.

The power of the mango lies it its ability to get working fast, so when you eat a mango, the terpenes go straight to the bloodstream.

It won’t matter if you smoke weed before or after eating a mango, the THC will interact immediately with the terpenes.

Extending Your Marijuana High

Once the interaction takes place, the potency of your high will be dramatically increased. The amount of time you experiences this high will definitely last longer but varies from person to person.

Regardless when the mango is eaten, it will have a direct impact on the way a person is feeling once they start smoking the marijuana.

The most popular way to extend a high however is to simply eat the mango before before taking a hit.

The power of the mango works lightning fast, so no sooner does the smoke enter your body, the vitamins in the mango are already making their way through the bloodstream.

Not only will you be smoking less weed and getting a longer-lasting high, it can really be quite good for you to get all those essential vitamins into your body rather than reaching for a bag of Doritos after you put down the chillum pipe.

Benefits of Eating Mangoes

Although many marijuana smokers can not say enough good things about how their high was elevated from eating this powerful fruit, it can also help smokers in other ways.

One of the things that smokers experience to one degree or another is headaches after smoking weed.

The mango has long been associated with its ability to act as a pain reliever. Here are just a few ways to get the most out of this little sweet fruit.

If you have a slower metabolism, start eating the mangoes about two hours before you start smoking weed.

By the time you smoke, the high will be extended and your headaches, later on, will subside.

mango marijuana health benefits

If you have a very fast metabolism, eat the mangoes right before you start smoking because the nutrients will be working in your bloodstream in no time at all.

As you start to feel the effects on your own body from the mangoes, you will be in a better position to choose the right times and number of fruits to eat to enhance your experience.

Avoiding Escalating Snack Costs

One of the things that most weed smokers can attest to is that they need to start eating soon after they put down their cross joints.

It doesn’t matter if they have a bag of McDonald’s, a large pizza, potato chips, Doritos, or a box of donuts, the weed smoker needs to fuel the machine with any snacks possible.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the mango only has 130 calories but it works quickly to squash any cravings you might have after smoking.

Junk foods are packed with fats, so in addition to eating unhealthy food, you are not moving too much after smoking so that fat just begins to pile up in your system.

How To Make Mango Smoothie


Rather than load up on eating garbage, the mango will crush your cravings for munchies too.

So in addition to extending your high, the mango will keep you off the junk food, diminish your cravings for feed, and help keep off those excess pounds.

Getting Healthy Smoking Weed

Not too many people actually proclaim that smoking weed and getting healthy are synonymous with one another.

In fact, the opposite may be true because once you are in that euphoric state after smoking weed, you just want to veg out on the couch and watch movies and eat snacks.

Laying down in that zombie state, it is highly unlikely that you are doing your body good. Most people who smoke weed on a regular basis go on to pack on excess weight from overeating and not moving.

This is where the power of the mango can really come into play.

By eating the mangoes each time you smoke weed, you can regulate your blood sugar and stop reaching for those unhealthy snacks.

Not only will the high last longer, but as soon as you land back on Earth you will feel refreshed and ready to move rather than lethargic and in a state of immobility.

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Other Health Benefits of the Mango

Smoking does come with risks that many people are aware of before they spark up their bongs and reach for their joints.

It is only now that most people have been exposed to some degree to the link between smoking and cancer.

Cancerous tumors can develop at any stage to any person, but there is a way to lessen the likelihood of you suffering from this fatal illness.

Mangoes actually contain ingredients that can decrease the risk of cancerous tumors.

The mango contains polyphenols that fight inflammation and help to lower blood sugar levels.

Studies conducted by Texas A&M University show that the polyphenols in a mango prevent an inflammatory response in cancerous breast cells.

This means the mango can reduce the growth of cancerous tumors if eaten frequently.

By now you should have added the mango to your grocery list and have plenty ready the next time that you plan on smoking some weed.

Eating a few mangoes before you smoke will help to fight off any headaches you experience after you smoke while extending that euphoric high that you are so desperate to achieve.

Then after you get to that point of no return, you won’t be reaching for all those unhealthy snacks that are clogging your arteries and adding to your growing spare tire around your waist.

Finally, while your blood sugar levels are easily maintained, the nutrients in the mango is hard at work fighting off the development of any cancerous cells in the body.

For a dollar or two per mango, you really could not find anything as beneficial to the body as this little colorful fruit. Stock up today and your body will thank you in a number of ways.

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