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MarsHydro Mars 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Product Review

MarsHydro Mars 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Ideal for indoor hydroponic growers, this full spectrum grow light is being used by 10,000 plus plant enthusiasts.

Relatively inexpensive, its unique design and veg/bloom mode make it one of the best LED grow lights of 2017, hence a great selection for your grow tent!

A favorite for plant growers, the MarsHydro Mars 300-Watt LED light is perfect for trimming cannabis or drying and curing cannabis.

When utilizing this grow light, it’s important to maintain stable voltage to avoid any damage to the light fixture.

Also, when the light is too strong, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. We are confident you won’t be disappointed in this top-quality selection.

Specifications and Overview

The MarsHydro 300w LED grow light include many reputable specs. Part of what makes it so popular is its safe, eco-friendly, and suitable build.

Idea for all grow tents or grow rooms, this full spectrum grow light holds dimensions of 13 x 2.8 x 7.9 inches with a coverage of 2’x2’ growing area.

It weighs 6.6 pounds with easy assembly for anyone. This grow light offers 300 watts and comes with 1 led grow light, 1 power cord, and 1 hanging kit.

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Pros Cons
  • Full spectrum
  • Small coverage area in comparison with other grow lights
  • Energy saving
  • Inexpensive
  • ETL Certification

Customer Service and Warranty

The MarsHydro customer service center is located in the beautiful state of California. They are happy to offer their clients a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

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