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The Secrets Of The One Hitter Dugout

Liam on December 14, 2015 0 Comments

one hitter dugout smoking weed

man smoking from one hitter dugout

So you want to be able to smoke your weed without having to lug around that giant man-bong you keep on the table for little parties.

Rolling and carrying a joint around in your cigarette box is so 1980’s that it isn’t funny.

Today the smart smoker knows all about the one hitter dugout and uses it frequently and discreetly.

If you are not already using some variation of the one-hitter dugout, consider all the unique features and the benefits of getting your very own little smoking box today.

The Basics of the One Hitter Dugout

Basically, the entire design of the one hitter dugout could not be any simpler.

In layman’s terms, the one hitter dugout is nothing more than a small container that has two chambers contained within.

One of those chambers holds the marijuana pipe (also known as the bat), the other chamber holds a small amount of your weed stash.

Basically enough for you to get a hit or two during your travels. That is how the one hitter got it’s unique name!




















Discriminating Potheads Agree

It just makes more sense today to conceal your web whenever possible. With this such a hot button topic, you are better off keeping your business to yourself, and this little smoking box is the perfect accessory for even the most discriminating pot smoker.

The one hitter dugout is usually no bigger in size than that of a lighter.

The center is hollowed out for the two chambers, and it has a unique cover that will slide or rotate across that opening to help keep it secure when not in use.

The hole that is hollowed out is where you store your crumbled stash so it can quickly and easily be accessed with your bat.

The One Hit System

The dugout also goes by the name “One Hit System” because this small little instrument allows you to get a fix during the day when you are not near your main stash or bong.

Many of these little dugouts are skillfully designed to look just like a small cigarette lighter.

From a distance it can be a real challenge for anyone not familiar with smoking weed to be able to identify what you are even carrying.

These devices come in a variety of colors too, perfect for either a man or woman to carry around their little stash without raising an eye.

By discreetly storing your weed, you can steal a quick hit any time of the day. While these storage units are typically made from acrylic or wood, they are becoming more popular each year and are being produced in a variety of new materials.

Now you and a friend can steal a quick smoke anywhere you may be during the day.

Slide back the lid to reveal your little stash and bat, dip that bat into the stash and twist, and then load the bowl on the pipe for getting yourself a nice little toke.

Once the lid is back in place, your stash is safe for later in the day.

Photo from: fotokon / depositphotos.com.

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