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What Does Weed Smell Like? Recognize Good Weed From Bad

There’s no smell quite like it – if you’ve smelled it once, you’ll know it right away. It’s an aroma that favors apartment stairwells, college dorm halls, and lingers in movie-theater parking lots late at night. If you haven’t smelled it by now, you’re probably wondering: just what does weed smell like, anyway? And even […]

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CBD Tinctures – Comparisons, Benefits and How To Make It

With the growth of the cannabis industry and the production of increasingly specialized forms of cannabis use and consumption like dabbing, buyers may have started to notice a separation of cannabis products into CBD and THC. Knowing the difference between the two could guarantee whether that tincture the user bought would produce a medicinal, pain-treating […]

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How to Make a Sploof In Less Than 5 Minutes

Any weed smoker, or those who hang around crowds where weed is a frequent visitor, likely knows how distinctive the smell can be. While it’s a great addition to any party or an excellent way to spice up what would otherwise be a dull night, the smell of weed can attract some unwanted guests to […]

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