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What Is Pollen Press and Why You Need It

Liam on May 12, 2016 0 Comments

pollen press

pollen press

Chances are pretty good that you have just about every device imaginable when it comes to caring for, grinding, or blending your herbs.

One of those devices that should be in every smoker’s arsenal is the pollen press. This is simply not just a heavy paper weight, it really does have a pretty cool function that we will discuss here.

What is a Pollen Press?

The pollen press is a small device used for making your own compressed pollen cakes. Fabricated from high-grade material, this precision press will allow you to start making your own pollen pellets easily.

This little device consists of a t-handle, two end caps, and the insert.

The insert is the key to the press because it keeps your herb from getting stuck to the press as you compress.

Sharpstone pollen press is one of the most popular presses but that doesn’t mean that they are the best.

pollen press

Is Making These Pellets Difficult?

This is one of the easiest devices you will own, basically, you put that insert into the lower cap and screw to the barrel.

Place your stuff in the barrel and start to screw the handle.

Once you turn to the right compression, just set it and forget it for a few hours.

Now that ground up weed magically is transformed into dense pellets that are a fraction of the size when complete. Pack an eight in the barrel and you will have a pellet about the size of the top of your lighter.

If you don’t own your own pollen press, add it to your inventory today. Just imagine how easy it will to travel with your herb when it is the size of a little pellet.

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The press is ideal for blending two strains into one more easily, and they can be stored in the freezer for when you need them for the next big party.

Ideal for storing your herb long-term, traveling with a smaller load, and blending strains equally too.

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