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QWISO – Everything You Need To Know Plus How To Make it

Liam on January 5, 2017 0 Comments

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QWISO, or Quick-Wash ISOpropyl, is a type of cannabis extract that allows you to reap the full power of THC from your buds.

If you have ever dabbed before, you have used some form of cannabis extract to achieve that rush of potency.

The reason for this intense high is that while the marijuana flower generally has about 10-15% THC, concentrates can have as much as 80% depending on the quality.

QWISO is one of the easiest ways to DIY your cannabis extract, as it does not require highly flammable butane like BHO. Read on for important more important information on QWISO, and how to make a high-quality extract.

How to Make It

[thrive_icon_box color=’green’ style=’1′ image=’http://liamw6.sg-host.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/real-marijuana-leaf-20140302marijuana.jpg’]Tools you will need:

  • 10-20 grams of cannabis buds
  • A blender
  • Unbleached coffee filters
  • Isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) you will need 200ml for every 10 grams of cannabis
  • A cheesecloth
  • A saucepan
  • A bowl
  • A spatula


Step 1: Grind your buds into fine pieces and place them in a glass jar. Put the jar in the freezer along with your alcohol and allow them to cool overnight or for a few hours.

qwiso in jarStep 2: Pour some of the alcohol into the jar so that the buds are completely submerged and swish the mixture around for a few minutes.

Step 3: Place a coffee filter on top of your small bowl and slowly pour the mixture over the top so that the concentrated liquid drips to the bottom. You can even pick up the corners of the coffee filter and squeeze it to secrete all the liquid.

Step 4: Since your mixture may still have some pieces of bud in it, you can place the cheesecloth over a saucepan on your stove and slowly pour the mixture over top.

Step 5: Allow the liquid to simmer for several minutes so that the alcohol can evaporate from your concentrate.  Remove any contaminants that may accumulate on the sides of your pan by wiping them away with a paper towel.

Almost all the liquid should evaporate from your mixture, leaving you with an oily consistency when done.

cannabis oil and qwiso

Step 6: Allow the oil to cool for a few minutes, and then use a spatula to accumulate your glob.

Step 7: Clean up all your tools, and store your QWISO extract until ready to use!

Benefits of QWISO

The two main benefits of QWISO is how safe and easy the process is, and the potency of the final product.

This method is often used by many marijuana farms to create globs for dabbing, as it is an easy and safe way to extract THC. QWISO concentrate is often referred to by dabbers as shatter.

Other ways to Extract Oil from THC

Another type of cannabis concentrate is BHO (butane hash oil), but, as its name implies, this marijuana extract is extremely tricky to make, and is best reserved for the experts.

Alternatively, ice water extraction is also commonly used to create a hash by isolating the plant’s trichome heads. Some other types of cannabis oil extractions include kief, dry sift, and rosin, among others.

Photos from: rbspace / depositphotos, CreativeFamily / depositphotos.

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