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Unique Six Shooter Pipe – Comprehensive Review

Liam on October 20, 2016 0 Comments • Tags: #sixshooterpipe

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If you have not yet seen or used the six shooter pipe, getting a visual is going to be quite easy.

Imagine the spinning bullet chamber on those old western hand guns, the one Clint Eastwood would spin before blasting away at six bad guys in seconds.

The six shooter pipe is similar in design, except for the fact the only one getting blasted here will be whoever is taking a hit from this unique marijuana pipe.

If the idea of smoking your stash from the components of a gun sounds cool, then you are certainly going to want to add the six shooter pipe to your smoking arsenal.

The Design of the Six Shooter Pipe

The design of this pipe is cool, it is everything you imagine when thinking about the guns those old cowboys used to protect themselves in the Wild West.

Today, the bullet chamber has another use, to hold weed like a bowl and allow you six times the smoking pleasure than a regular one-hitter.


The six separate bowls not only can be packed with your buds, they rotate like in a real hand gun, so you basically pack each chamber and rotate into position to smoke.

This means you will have a fresh weed in bowl at the ready rather than having to stop and load over and over again.

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The Appeal of The Six Shooter

Rather than loading up your buds in the bowl several time today, pack all six chambers and let the party get started.

Take a few hits, and when the bowl is empty, CLICK, CLACK, CLICK, a new bowl with fresh buds is in position and ready for the attack.

[thrive_icon_box color=’green’ style=’1′ image=’http://liamw6.sg-host.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/real-marijuana-leaf-20140302marijuana.jpg’]The six shooter pipe has a revolving drum that allows you to position any of the bowls in line for smoking.
The naval brass construction ensures years of high quality smoking experiences, complete with a screen designed to stay in place despite the rotating of the bowls. These parts are also easily detachable for when it is time to clean out the pipe.[/thrive_icon_box]

Unique Party Experience

One of the coolest features in this bad-ass weed pipe is the fact you don’t have to pack all six bowls with the same buds.

So unlike your water bong, joint, or sublimator vaporizer, you get to pack six unique strains into six unique bowls.

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Perhaps you want to really up your game today by mixing up six of your favorite strains.

Now once you get smoking, you never know what strain is up to bat next, and by the time you get to the last bowl, you mind will be blown with the mixtures and combinations. never again will that part be boring when the six shooter pipe is being used.

This unique smoking pipe will certainly become the jewel of your collection as your friends ask for you to use it each time you party.

Solid construction, easily moving parts, and deep enough bowls to pack a punch, there is nothing on the market today quite like the six shooter.

Now you and your friends can ride off into the sunset like real cowboys, with your weapon of choice, the six shooter pipe at your side.

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