Badass And High Quality Skull Bong

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Best glass skull bong

Best glass skull bong

The glass bong provides a deeper and richer smoking experience, and today many people prefer putting their weed inside the glass skull bong.

These filtration devices provide an ideal smoking experience where the smoke is cooled to just the right temperature before inhaling, enhancing the entire experience.

The skull bong not only looks bad-ass, it provides both a tastier and cleaner hit.

The Glass Skull Bong Construction

Typically these glass skull bongs are made from acrylic or glass and extremely durable. The glass is either clear or colored, allowing you to see the water level and smoke easily.

The skull bong has a unique carved skull face in the front, with a large open pipe on the side that leads into the water chamber.

There is also one other inlet created on the bong to allow smoke to be drawn in.

By drawing the smoke up through the water, you filter out any particulates and carcinogens, cooling the smoke before it reaches your lips.

You basically are making the smoke devoid of toxic elements by pulling it up through the water inside the skull head. This creates the most enjoyable hit possible.










Shape of the Skull Bong

The skull bong comes in a large variety of sizes, colors and shapes. One thing is common though, the shape of the water bong looks like a human skull, and some can be quite detailed and elaborate.

The portable skull bong is definitely a crowd favorite at any party because this water bong is lightweight and water-tight.

The bowl and the stem of the skull bong funnel guided air towards the bottom of the water and send bubbles upwards.

Near the water level is the kick-hole, where the finger is placed to close off the passage during inhaling.

Many elaborate skull bongs not only have the details of the bone structure and teeth, they have clear openings in the eyes and nose holes to see the smoke within.

High Quality Glass Bong

The glass utilized in the glass bong is tested for thickness and quality, tempered to make the bong tension free.

The glass skull bong construction is ideal because it is functionally and aesthetically better than most other materials.

Not only can you see the clarity of the water, you see the bubbles and smoke easily.

Being able to see the smoke rising up to the eyes of the skull not only looks totally bad-ass, it allows you to get the maximum hit when you see the entire chamber full of smoke.

The glass bong eliminates that stale taste because you get maximum draw on clean smoke. Regardless your lung capacity, you are assured a full hit each time.

If you are in the market for a new bong, consider the glass skull bong because of the exceptional quality and clean drawing experience.

The bongs come in a variety of colors and styles that will meet your personal needs and look great sitting on the shelf waiting for your next party.

Not your typical glass bong, the skull shape adds a unique element to your next smoking experience.

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