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Best Smell Proof Backpacks

Smell proof backpacks

Every once in a while a new product comes along that is big on promises but short on delivering the goods.

One particular product that seems to be bucking that trend and delivering on all promises is the smell proof backpack.

Most stoners on the rely on their backpack for concealment of their weed, and the last thing they need is some campus cop to come sniffing around and causing trouble.

The idea of a smell proof backpack really does have mass appeal if you think about it.

What Is a Smell Proof Backpack?

Smell proof backpacks are kind of a new concept that appeared not so long ago. In fact, many people don’t yet know that they are actually a thing.

If you’re a stoner for quite some time now, especially the one that likes to travel, you’ve probably realized by now that you need more than a regular backpack to store your precious weed.

Although you know that you need a smell proof backpack, it seems very hard to find one. Yeah, well, that’s because tehy are not that widely advertised.

You can’t just walk into a store and find the one that suits all your needs. But you can find some pretty good ones on the Internet, few of which are mentioned further in this article.

Backpacks as such are maybe one of the best choice for carrying your cannabis around. Not only they are spacious, they are also usually very durable and convenient.

What Is a Smell Proof Backpack?

Also, you can take them with you on vacation, nobody will find it suspicious, and you will stay low on the radar.

Of course, there is always an option that you carry your marijuana accessories in your car. That is if you have a car.

And even if you do, this can be problematic because you are risking that your items disperse all around your car and get lost.

If you are a real stoner, then you probably carry around more than just one joint with you, and you need something where you can store all of your cannabis equipment.

It is most likely that you want to carry your bongs and pipes with you as well. Interesting though, they can also hold the residual smell.

Real stoner will know that a few uses of pipes and bongs are more than enough for the smell to set in.

Smell proof backpack seems like the best solution for storing all the things marijuana related. Some people, however, prefer to use smell proof containers to store their weed.

However, finding the one container that can fit all the large marijuana accessories is almost impossible. Wise as stoners usually are, they always try to find alternative solutions.

That’s why some of them tend to put smell proof containers inside of the normal one.

Although this tactic can work for a while and keep the smell to a minimum, some of the odor will eventually leak out.

Don’t get this wrong – many of the smell proof containers work well for quite some time.

On the other hand, if you use them repeatedly, they will become loose, and the lids will no longer fit.

Investing in a smell proof container that’s a bit more on the expensive side can solve this problem.

However, maybe it’s time that you invest in something more durable and practical like a smell proof backpack instead of a container.

The technology that makes them smell proof is a lining made of the carbon filter. This additional agent is very powerful in keeping odors from leaving your pack.

To lock the smells inside the compartment, odor proof backpacks use special technologies that come in various sizes and have other important features too.

They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, but the one concern the real stoner has is will it be able to keep those sweet herbs from escaping.

This idea of walking around in plain sight with your herb it tow is a great idea on the surface, but it all falls apart if the pack is nothing more than a book-bag with a fancy name.

Luckily we are going to delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the top five (5) smell proof backpacks available on the market today.


Now instead of you having to go through trial and error with several packs, we will discuss at length the benefits of each pack, the pros and the cons of each, as well as where you can score your own weed bag on a budget.

No worries, we are going to cover it all and not leave any leaf unturned so to speak. By the time you are done reading, you are going to want to score your own smell proof backpack for yourself or a friend.

The Difference Between a Regular and a Smell Proof Backpack

Actually, a normal and a smell proof backpack look precisely the same on the outside. Already mentioned carbon filter lining is one of the main differences.

A smell proof backpack also has a tighter zipper system that prevents any scent from leaking out of it.

If you have ever tried carrying your weed or other smoking accessories in a regular backpack, you know what can happen.

It can be made from the best and the most expensive material in the world, and it will still let the weed smell escape from it.

After you use it for a while, it will also hold a residual smell.

These smells can fade when some time passes, but until then you will have to buy a new one if you want to make sure that no one senses the smell of your cannabis.

Benefits of the Smell Proof Backpack

Let us assume first that these smell-proof packs really do hide the smell of your weed. The benefits are going to be numerous then.

Before we get into the discussion of the five best, we need to know how they will benefit us in the first place. While each pack is unique in and of itself, they all help to serve the greater cause.

Here are just a few of the reasons you need to score your own smell proof backpack today.

Stress-Free Travel – Imagine how much less stressful your commutes will be knowing that not a single person around you can smell the marijuana inside your backpack.


Not only does it lift a huge burden off your shoulders, you can also enjoy your time outdoors rather than walking on eggshells.


Rather than riding public transportation in a state of panic, kick back and enjoy the view for a change knowing your secret is safe inside your pack.

Money Savings – Rather than having to spend all that extra cash on smell-proof containers because those scent proof bags aka weed baggies are allowing the odor of the weed to escape, the backpack will do all the heavy lifting now.


It’s designed to lock in the smell rather than letting it seep out where others can quickly detect what you are up to. The money you save in those tiny smell-proof containers is better spent on the backpack.

Convenient Storage – Another huge benefit of the odor proof backpack is you can use it to basically store the weed until the party starts.


Once you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to freak out about getting the weed out of your pack and somewhere that no one will smell it.


Locked inside your pack, the weed is safer than anywhere else because you are in a sense hiding it right under their noses. No one will think of even trying to open the pack.

So there you have it, a few of the benefits of owning it.

What to Look for When Buying a Smell Proof Backpack

When in search of a high-quality smell proof backpack, don’t pick up just the first one you run into.

There are some things you should first consider and look for in your potential backpack:

Is It Truly Odor Proof?

Many manufacturers like to claim how the backpacks they sold are smell proof.

They’re counting that you are in a rush to find a backpack that will hide the smell of your weed, so you won’t bother researching what you’re buying first.

The situation becomes even more challenging because they look very similar.

Don’t fall into this trap as the ability to trap weed smell in is the crucial feature a smell proof backpack should have.

Before making a purchase, check for some kind of a smell resistant material.

A true smell proof backpack needs to have this type of material, and its primary purpose is to hold the odors in and not let them leak out.


A material from which is made will tell whether it’s a smell proof or not.

Activated carbon previously mentioned in this article is definitely the best technology for a smell proof back. However, it’s not the only one.

Aluminum also works more than well in preventing weed smell from leaking out. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, aluminum is an oil-based material, which means that it will keep the weed smell inside better than a plastic bag for example.

THC’s chemical structure allows it to easily penetrate to any material whose structure is similar to fat and alcohol.

When using aluminum, you won’t encounter this problem. Aluminum is also less porous than most other materials, such as cloth or plastic.

In fact, if you don’t have time to buy one, use aluminum in the meantime. It’s a quick smell proof solution, although it won’t last for a very long time.

To make this work, just wrap your weed in a few layers of aluminum foil.

Keep in mind that smell proof backpacks will work better than aluminum, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Quality and Style

Quality and Style

Quality seems like an obvious feature to have.

This will ensure that you can use it for quite some time without having to worry that it will fail you at some point.

Quality doesn’t mean you should pay attention only to the material and features your backpack has. It also means that you should consider its style.

Some manufacturers often focus on making a backpack smell proof. That’s great, that’s crucial.

But your smell proof backpack needs to look like regular one not to draw suspicion among other people.

Also, take into consideration its style. Style can affect the way your weed and other marijuana accessories lay on your back.

Also, its weight shouldn’t cause you back problems. Just remember, you will be wearing it probably for a few hours, so a few ounces or pounds do make a lot of difference.


What’s the use of a backpack that will tear or fall apart after a few weeks or months? None, that’s right.

Most of the people will think that only the durability is important. It is, but the durability of a smell proof mechanism is maybe even more important.

Usually, this happens when the materials on the inside fade.

This way you will be sure that you’ve chosen the one that will keep your weed and other weed related goodies smell inside for a long time.


Of course, all of them have zippers, that’s not the point here.

You should be looking how the zippers on a backpack tend to close.

A smell proof material won’t be able to hold the odors in if the zipper doesn’t close properly and makes a hole where the smell can escape.


Spaciousness and Size

Depending on the accessories you will carry you will need it to be spacious. Are you going to carry just some weed or bongs and pipes too?

How much room will you need to store all these marijuana stuff? Answer these questions before your purchase.

Enough room to hold all your marijuana things is essential, or else your smell proof backpack will be useless in the end.


Before even starting your search, get clear on how much are you willing to spend and how much money you have at your disposal.

This is important if you want to save yourself some time and effort.

Once you establish your budget, look only for the ones that are in your price range.

There you go, this list will give you some general ideas what type, size, and features to look for in a smell proof backpack.

Now let us take a journey into the top five (5) marijuana backpacks and the good and bad about each.

This way you will be in the best position to choose the perfect pack for your needs.

Do You Really Need a Smell Proof Backpack?

It depends. If you are just entering the magnificent world of stoners then you probably still don’t have a lot of weed-related stuff to carry around.

In that case, you don’t need a smell proof back. At least, not just yet.

For master stoners, smell proof backpacks are a must-have. In the matter effect, most of them already have one or more of these amazing backpacks.

Carrying more than just weed is a lot easier in a large size. For example, bongs need a lot of space, and they smell after only a few uses.

When you have a smell proof backpack, transportation of bongs becomes a lot safer and easier.

If your friend invited you to a night of marijuana games, it is likely you will take a bud, papers, wraps, bowl, lighters, bongs, pipes and a few other things. Now think about this for a second.

How are you going to take all those stuff to your friend’s house? A regular backpack might seem like an obvious solution, but you know it can’t hold the weed smell in.

If you want to risk to get caught, go for it. Also, once you carry your weed in a regular one, you will probably ruin it because the smell will set in for a long time.

With a smell proof backpack, you won’t have any of these problems, and that’s why this is the best way to store and transport your cannabis in.

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