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5 Top Choices for Smell Proof Bags for Stashing Cannabis That Work

Plastic bags are commonly used for stashing cannabis because they are extremely inexpensive.

The problem with the baggies you buy that are traditionally used for sandwiches, they are not scent proof.

Not being able to contain the smell can be a huge issue for pot smokers, so they often double baggie their stash or carry in smell-proof containers in an effort to conceal their herbs.

The problem with those bags is they allow air in and out, so no matter how many you try to use the air will eventually escape and dry out the herb.

Smell proof bags for stashing cannabis is a better option, allowing the smell to stay in the bag while keeping your stash fresh.

Give the following odor proof bags a try and you will forget all about those cheap resealable plastic baggies you have been using.

1. Smelly Proof Bags

Although the name of these plastic bags says it all, the Smelly Proof is considered to be some of the best smell proof bags in the industry today.

The bags, of course, are see-through so you can see how much of your stash is left, but they incorporate medical material approved by the FDA to protect the contents and from keeping any air from escaping.

2.5 x 3 Smell Proof Bag

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Unlike those plastic lunch baggies you buy in bulk at the dollar store, these bags are engineered to be durable.

Whether you are hiding your stash in plain sight or taking it on the go, your secret will be safe from others when you pack all your herb into the Smelly Proof baggies before you go.

Comes with double locking seals and available in sizes from XX Small to XX Large.

2. Odorless Pocket Bag by Funk Fighters

When Funk Fighters created their smell proof bag, they had the serious stoner in mind. This is not your average sandwich size lunch baggie, this pocket bag is more of a do-all carry-all bag.

For the smoker who likes to keep a large amount of weed stashed safely at their home, the bag is large enough to handle the stash, lighters, pipes, anything that you use for smoking that may have that rich aroma you want to hide from others.


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If you are currently storing your weed, pipes, lighters, and accessories in multiple baggies, this is certainly the right product for you.

Not only will everything you use to smoke be safely tucked away in one place, the smell will be perfectly concealed.

3. The Deadbolt Bags

The Deadbolt bags are large, they are triple layered, and they are smell proof. This is the ultimate storage bag for the serious smoker.

The triple layer laminate construction locks in smells so that even if you jam in a backpack, no one will be able to detect what you are carrying.

These durable bags are resistant to tearing and protect your stash against oxidation and corrosion.


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Air is not your weed’s friend, so making every effort to keep the weed safe will ensure it is moist when it comes time to smoke.

These Deadbolt bags are resistant to bursting and puncturing, as well as heat and cold resistant.

The watertight construction will ensure everything you pack inside will remain as is for when the party starts.

4. Smell Safe Hardshell by RYOT

The Smell Safe bag by RYOT is perfect for the stoner on the go. This bag contains a hard-shell which is perfect when you have to grab your stash, jam it in a backpack, and hit the road.

There is no worry of your stash every getting damaged tucked away safe in the hard-shell exterior with a durable smell safe bag.


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The other benefit of this type bag is it looks like a simple wrinkled, crumpled bag anyone would have in their pack. Not only is it smell proof, it will never draw the attention of prying eyes.

The bag is extremely durable, comes with a spot to hold your lighter, and even a place to store your poker for cashing your bongs or bowels.

Great for storing that glass pipe that you do not want to break during your travels.

5. The Stink Sack

The name really says it all here, this is the best smell proof bag you can get for your money. Similar to Smelly Proof bags, with a few differences, they are better quality, they are more affordable, and you can not see through them.

The blacked out baggies hide the smell and conceal the contents. These bags are available in a number of sizes to handle a small stash or that huge pile of herbal freshness.

It will be difficult to ever go back to those plastic Ziploc bags again after using the Stink Sack.

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These bags are the best when it comes to smell proof bags, and even though they cost more than your average plastic sandwich bags, imagine the cost to replace your herb when it is damaged or confiscated.

These bags hide the smell of the marijuana, protect the weed from oxidation, and help to keep your stash fresh for when you are ready to pack your bowl or pipe.

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