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Amazing Smell Proof Containers to Store and Protect Your Sweet Herbs


The name of the game when it comes to storing and protecting your indica or sativa stash is choosing the right smell proof containers.

Just think about it for a second, you pack your weed in Ziploc baggies and for days you can smell slight hints of your stash.

Each day the weed is inside those plastic bags supposedly safe, what is happening is inside and outside elements are hard at work breaking down the potency of your herb.

By the time you pack your bong or pipe with your weed, the weed barely has any kick left to it, you are better off sprinkling it on your pasta sauce and use as oregano.

The Solution? Purchasing airtight containers for weed is the only choice when it comes to protecting your stash.


These weed jars are one of the most important steps that you will be taking to keep your weed fresh and moist, and to eliminate any chance of someone detecting that there is weed close by.

We have taken some time to compile what we believe is a list of the top five smell proof containers that will work perfectly protecting your buds and keeping your secret safe.

Before we jump into the list of the top five airtight containers for weed, let us first talk about why you need to buy one of these weed containers in the first place.

These weed jars are more than conversation pieces, some are quite functional, in fact, you might be surprised to find out that you have been storing your buds incorrectly all these years.

The Benefits of Using Smell Proof Containers

Like we discussed earlier, weed bags are not effective for protecting your stash for any amount of time.

Not only does the potency begin to dissipate soon after you pack the baggie, the smell emitting from the bag goes out like a fire alarm to every nosy narc within a fifty-foot radius who are dying to rat your ass out. These baggies offer nothing in the way of protection, concealment, or usability.

That being said, here are all the benefits of using the smell proof containers to keep your moist buds at the ready for your next smoking session. Decide which are most important to you so that you can choose the appropriate weed jars that most suit your weed storing needs.

1. Protecting the Potency

The most important reason for buying your very own airtight container for weed is to protect the potency of the buds. Chances are pretty good that if you have been smoking for a while that you know how harsh dried out buds taste.
That burning of your throat and lungs sends you running for the fire exits looking for cool relief. If you are not making use of airtight weed jars, then every hour you store them in the bag or boxes, the air is getting inside and drying out the herbs, decreasing the potency the longer they remain in that container.
The airtight container should be small enough to fit the herbs perfectly, less air in the container means less damage, and the tight locking seal means nothing gets in or out of the jar. This means you can store your stash for weeks and it will be as fresh as the day you placed it inside.

2. Concealing Your Buds

There is no reason to bring any attention to your stash, baggies are giving away your hobby to anyone with decent sniffing skills. If you purchase your own Teak Wood Buddha Container, now you have a conversation piece that not only keeps the buds safe inside, it looks super cool too.
Place the Buddha on a book shelf or mantle, and no one will think twice about touching it, they will simply marvel at the cool design. The buds can be packed inside the airtight container and placed up and out of reach for when you are ready to pack your pipe and invite over some friends.
These jars not only keep the weed moist, they keep the contents out of view from nervous Nancy’s looking to stir up issues. When the jars lock in the smell, no one is going to think twice when they see your decorative jar out in plan sight.

3. Blocking Out the Light

One of the things you have to consider when it comes to keeping your weed protected, you have to utilize a container that will keep out the light, air, and the heat.
The goal here is making use of as many protective features as possible, and weed jars are the perfect storage device.
These non-porous jars come in tinted glass colors, ideal for allowing you to see exactly how much stash is inside without having to open the top of the jar and allow air to damage the buds.
Darkened glass weed jars keep out the damaging rays of light but still allow you to see inside when held near a light source. Light, air, and heat are not friends to your weed, the airtight containers for weed will keep the marijuana safe.

4. Fun Conversation Piece

Many of these airtight weed jars are quite unique in design. One of these containers we will talk about later in detail, the Teak Wood Buddha Container is certainly an interesting conversation piece too. Not only will Buddha protect your moist buds inside, people will want to talk about his cool little guy once the party starts.
He will become the focal point of the party as people want to touch him, rub his belly, and invite him into the smoking circle because of his style.
Depending on the weed jar that you choose to keep your buds safe, chances are everyone who uses baggies to protect their weed is going to want to know where you got yours.

5. Long-Term Travel Device

One huge benefit to the air tight weed containers is they are perfect for travel. Not only is your weed protected inside from light, air, and heat, once you throw the jar in your backpack and hit the road no one around you will be able to pick up the scent.
The jars keep the air inside, so you should have zero issues when you are out and about on your way to that big party. Getting the smallest jar possible ensures not much excess air is trapped inside, so this means the smaller size is a breeze to through in your pack.
If you plan on hitting the road frequently with your weed, consider a storage container made from high quality aerospace grade aluminum, these are both sturdy and lightweight. The last thing you need is carrying a glass weed jar that breaks in your pack, in a sense destroying your stash and exposing your little secret with the world.

Five Best Weed Containers for Storing Your Marijuana

if you want to eliminate your weed drying out, airtight weed jars are the answer. Today there are so many different smell proof containers that help to keep your stash fresh.

Finding the right weed jar will ensure your first deep hit will be just as good as your last.

While there are several benefits to having airtight containers for weed, it really does come down to personal preference. Most containers are available in a variety of sizes, most made from plastic or glass.

The glass is perfect for storing weed at home, but plastic and wood can be ideal in travel situations.

Consider these five unique and affordable airtight weed jars for protecting your stash and keeping the party moving along.

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