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3 Best Smoking Games For Your Next Party

Liam on December 26, 2015 0 Comments

3 Best Smoking Games For Your Next Party

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The simple truth about the best smoking games comes down to one thing, trying to get all participants as high as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time.

While everyone has flipped a ping pong ball into a red cup and got hammered drinking, smoking games can really be entertaining because rookies often get wasted in record time playing these games.

Before you plan your next party, consider these 3 smoking games to really take your fun to the next level.

1. Movie Time Fun Time

Here is a great opportunity to combine two great loves of any stoner. Smoking an excess amount of weed and watching movies at the same time.

For this game, the more the merrier, although it will work with as little as three people and still be quite entertaining.

The choice of a movie will dictate the rules of the game for sure. For example, choose an action thriller with tons of shooting.

Each time a person is shot during the film, spark up the bog and pass it around.

Perhaps your group wants a romantic comedy, each time the kissing starts, pass that joint to the person on your right and keep it moving after each hit.Maybe horror films are the movie of choice tonight, each time someone dies, the pipe goes around the room to everyone.

2. Holding Your Smoke

This game works well with three people and no more than a half dozen at a time.

Spark up the bong or get the joint lit, then begin by taking a huge hit and holding, and passing to the person on your right. The object of the game is to hold in that hit until the weed gets back to you.

If you were able to hold the smoke in, pass to the person on your right again. If you were not able to keep the smoke in, you now need to take another toke on the old bong.

Those with a small lung capacity or newbies will get blasted extremely quickly in this game. Continue passing the joint or bong around until it is gone or you simply can not take another hit, whichever comes first!

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3. The Animal Name Game

This is more of a competitive sport for the stoner who has to be the best at everything they do. The rules of the animal name game are simple, and best played with a joint.

Begin by saying an animal, then taking a huge toke and hold, pass the weed to the person on your right.

This person must name a new animal that begins with the last letter of the animal you named. Once they do, you can exhale your smoke.

If they repeat an animal or can not think of one, they are out and it gets passed to the next person. When it is your turn again, exhale, name a new animal.

The one thing to remember about these three smoking games is this, it is all fun and games until a stoner passes out. Actually, that’s when the real fun begins. Enjoy!

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