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Smoke Like Sherlock Holmes With Sherlock Bubbler

sherlock bubbler pipe

One of the more popular water-pipes is the stand-up Sherlock bubbler. This unique glass smoking device gets its name from the similarity to the large pipe that Sherlock Holmes would use to smoke his tobacco. The portable pipe is easy to handle, comfortable to hold, and simple to pass around to friends at the party. […]

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Why You Want To Have Your Own SteamRoller Pipe

Steamroller pipe

Smokers of cannabis are all too familiar with the steamroller pipes. If you are new to smoking or looking for a new smoking device, these little powerhouses do pack a mighty punch. They get their unique name from the way that the design closely resembles that of a steam locomotive train. The reason it is […]

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The Secrets Of The One Hitter Dugout

one hitter dugout smoking weed

So you want to be able to smoke your weed without having to lug around that giant man-bong you keep on the table for little parties. Rolling and carrying a joint around in your cigarette box is so 1980’s that it isn’t funny. Today the smart smoker knows all about the one hitter dugout and […]

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