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5 Best Herb Grinders [2019] Reviews

5 best herb grinders

Luckily the days of jamming your buds in a bowl and burning them are going the way of the dinosaur. Although using your fingers works occasionally, the right tool simply makes everything that much easier and cleaner. The herb grinder makes the best of your smoking experience because it is more economical, makes rolling simple, […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hash Oil

Hash oil can be smoked, eaten, vaporized, or rubbed on a sore muscle. The result is always the same: it gives you that enjoyable “high” feeling that you get from cannabis plants. Nicknames used to describe hash oil include marijuana wax, dabs, and BHO, among many others. With a reputation of being more potent than […]

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Which Strain Has The Highest Level of THC (34.04%) in 2018?

Every year, growers gather up the best of their cannabis products and compete to find out who has the best bud in the business. The Cannabis Cups are some of the biggest events in the cannabis industry, where connoisseurs, judges, growers, retailers and cannabis fans gather together to partake of and appreciate all things related […]

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The History and Meaning Of 420: National Weed Day

April 20th is unofficially known as National Pot Smoking Day or National Weed Day, and while most stoners have zero issue with having another reason to wake and bake, they stumble a little when the question is put to them about the origins of 420. Some marijuana smokers claim the name is in reference to […]

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Blunt vs Joint vs Spliff – The Ultimate Comparison

Marijuana culture has been alive and well for decades now. There are more and more methods of consumption every year, but sometimes sticking to the classics are the most satisfying. Wrapping and rolling are an incredibly convenient way to puff and go. There is a lot of variety at hand though. Joints, blunts, and spliffs […]

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