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Top 3 Choices for Highly Rated Stash Boxes (Reviews)

Liam on July 22, 2016 0 Comments

best stash boxes reviews

With the growing acceptance of marijuana in many states across the country, the availability to get weed is now easier than ever. That being said, once you have your marijuana safely home, you are going to need to protect it from prying eyes. Whether it be in bags, boxes, backpacks.

With dozens of stash boxes on the market today to choose from, it is important that you carefully consider things light protection from light, from air, and keeping it private.

The following stash boxes will allow you to take your weed with you on the run and still keep it hidden from sight while safely protected.

The Medtainer Stash Box with Built-In Grinder

This little stash box is durable, comes in seventeen cool colors, and it even has a little grinder built inside for when you need to mash-up your stash on the run.

The Medtainer is airtight, which means your weed is not going to dry out, and more importantly, it will lock in the smell and keep it fresh.

This is especially important when you are taking your stash on the go and want to keep the contents safe from others.

The container is also waterproof, so if you get trapped in that rainstorm or drop the stash box in water, your weed will remain dry inside.

Your weed is going to be 100% secure and fresh when you use this stash box, whether the container is submerged in water or in direct sunlight.

Order your highly rated color stash box

The Skyway Viper Stash Box

Here is a unique stash box that resembles those little black film canisters. Unlike those flimsy film containers, the Skyway Viper boxes have a child resistant cap, are airtight, and waterproof.

These little six-ounce black containers are perfect for the person on the move who wants to keep their stash their business.

Each little black stash box will safely hold your herb inside, protecting it from prying eyes, from harmful light, from moisture, and from the air.

The lid of these stash boxes can double as a tray, and they are made from reinforced polymer. Grab your weed and pack in into these little black containers, drop them in your backpack, and hit the road.

They are smell resistant, they look like ordinary film canisters, and nothing will penetrate the material to damage your herbs.

The top contains a wide screw thread and thick lead that guarantees the contents will be protected from outside elements.

Grab your inconspicuous little black stash boxes

The iHit iPhone 6 Stash Box & Case

Available is four different cool colors, the iHit phone case can store some of your weed and doubles as an actual iPhone 6 plastic protective case.

No one is ever going to suspect you are packing your weed inside a phone case, and because the case is airtight, no one will ever smell your herb either.

The secret storage department is perfect for holding a small amount of your stash when you have to hit the road.

Stylish design and removable storage compartment are odor-free, fit the iPhone 6, and comes in four neat colors too.

This stylish and sleek phone case is the last place anyone would be looking to find marijuana, and it protects both your beloved phone and your precious stash too.

The secret compartment is revealed when you push up on the cover, allowing you to easily hide up to five rolled joints or some stash and your papers.

Discreetly hide your weed on the go

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