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Everything You Need To Know About the Sublimator Vaporizer (Review)

Liam on June 27, 2016 0 Comments

how to build the sublimator

So if you are on the fence about laying out the cash for the Sublimator and want to know if the claims about this being the most complete extraction system for smoking weed is warranted, you certainly came to the right place.

We are going to look at the bio gasification process utilized by the Sublimator, a process that simply means your herbs are heated to the vaporization temperature, then that vapor is drawn through a hot atomizer that cooks it again.

During the second blast of heating, this device produces a thick cloud of smoke of ultra-fine gas particles that yield an incredible hit.

So let’s talk in detail about whether or not the cost is offset by a smoking experience unrivaled by any other smoking apparatus.

How the Sublimator Actually Works

The process in which the Sublimator works is quite impressive, to say the least. The heating element within produces a vapor that is drawn up through the water pipe.

There are different temperature settings to alter the vapor, but all the magic happens inside the heating chamber.

There is a three-part heating system taking place, or biomolecular gasification, which starts as a thermal injection, then radiation, and finally induction.

As a user draws air from the water pipe, vacuum pressure is quickly produced combined with thermal energy to produce a thick, dense gas.

Quality of Your Vaping Experience

One of the big raves when it comes to using this particular smoking device is that it doesn’t matter if you are heating a concentrate or dry herb, the result is a nice thick cloud of delicious herbal goodness.

Although the Sublimator can vaporize concentrates and dry herbs separately, one thing that really sets this device apart is that you can actually smoke both simultaneously.

The water pipe simply allows the smoke to billow up and produce powerful and thick clouds regardless what is in the heating chamber.

Flexibility of the Temperature Settings

When it comes to adjusting your temperature, you should have little problems choosing one from the twelve preset choices.

These twelve temperature settings allow you to experiment with your stash, whether it be a potent concentrate or your freshly dried out blend.

Simply turn the dial to the notch you prefer and have some fun with the different heating settings. Each time you change the heat setting, you change the flavor and thickness of the vapor too.

vaporization temperatures cannabis

Quality of the Sublimator

Regardless the price you pay for your own vaping machine, this one is made with extreme attention to detail.

The Sublimator heating chamber comes in either titanium or stainless steel, both provide the superior heating capability.

The entire device is put together with the end-user in mind, machined well and smoothly fit together. The glass tube is made from superior tested glass that can handle frequent usage without breaking.

Even the smallest of components are precisely machined for a superior vaping experience.

the sublimator beyong vaping

The Ease of Use

Take one look at this monster and it is clear at the onset that this is not your average water pipe that you will be handing around the room at your next party.

The Sublimator is designed to be the focus of the party in the center of the table when users can step-up and take turns marveling at all that is considered to be one of the best vaping experiences on the planet.

Once the stash is heated, your friends can form a conga-line to the vaping device and enjoy creating their own thick flavorful little piece of heaven.

This unit is certainly designed to sit put on the table and have users come running.

sublimator vaporizer parts

Final Thoughts on the Sublimator

Do not let the costly price tag of this amazing vaporizer fool you, this device produces some of the most amazing vapor you will ever experience, regardless what marijuana strain you smoke.

You can add your best concentrate or some dried herb you have been saving for that special occasion, then kick back with your crew and watch the magic show begin.

Thick puffy clouds of smoke work their way up the glass tube and will knock you for a loop if you are not careful.

A unique combination of high-quality parts, exceptional craftsmanship, and design, and staggering amounts of potent vapor mean this smoking apparatus gets two-thumbs up across the board.

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