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Does Synthetic Urine (Fake Pee) Really Work?

Doctor holding urine for drug testing

Congrats! You’ve been offered the job of a lifetime.

The salary makes your eyes widen and a smile begins to form on your face, but quickly falls when you see, “Routine drug testing…”.

If you’re anything like us, figuring out how to pass a drug test is a significant challenge.

Several states in the U.S have legalized the use of marijuana, but many laws still disagree. Because of this, drug tests are often a required.

We strongly believe that marijuana use should not be considered grounds to prevent employment, but many disagree. In the meantime, there are sneaky tricks to help.

What is Synthetic Urine?

What is synthetic urine and how does it works

As odd as it sounds, synthetic urine has cropped up as a quick way to pass urine analysis with flying colors.

It’s a phenomenon popping up for purchase at sex and smoke shops, as well as many online markets such as Amazon.

These products have stumped many drug tests and have spiked in appeal because of the increase in users.

Synthetic urine, also known as “fake pee”, is an elixir that mimics visual and chemical properties of real urine.

This substance comes in a few different forms such as dried powders or pre-mixed type solutions.

It’s best to use a fresh kit since these do have an expiration date. Fake urine is also used as an animal repellent, sex on the kinkier side, and even practical jokes.

Required Components of Drug Test Worthy Synthetic Urine

As much as we like to resist the institutional idea of routine drug testing, sometimes we have to fold to get the job we want.

For fake pee to make the cut, it needs to be a sophisticated mixture of quality materials. Synthetic urine must contain:

  • Nitrates
  • Creatine
  • Urea
  • Uric acid

Further than this, it needs to have a pH between 4.8 and 8, as well as have the correct liquid density.

Other things to consider when searching for synthetic urine include it’s smell and foaming function.

How Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Work?

If you are not digging the idea of strangely flavored detox drinks and crazy amounts of exercise to quick detox, you can use synthetic urine.

Basically, you follow your chosen kit’s instructions and use that substance rather than your own urine samples.

People have come up with many creative ways to hide fake pee in order to get it into the testing facility such as carrying it in a shoe.

There are even bags to strap to your leg to hold the false pee if you have to visit a facility to get tested.

Are The Results Reliable?

Fake pee can pass a drug test. Many individuals have reported success in faking out their tests on short notice.

Are results from fake synthetic urine reliable?

It’s important to know though that results can never be 100% guaranteed. The best thing to do is choose a quality product that meets the requirements of urine itself.

As technology has improved, synthetic urine has as well. In the last few years, the results have been more positive than they have been.

If the law keeps up, we can expect further improved and sophisticated urine kits soon.

How To Put Synthetic Urine in Action

It is highly recommended to follow synthetic urine instructions perfectly because of the stakes at hand.

Because of this, we suggest choosing a pre-mixed product that does not require complicated steps. Once the liquid is procured, you will need to choose a transport procedure.

You will need to choose your carrying method wisely.

Depending on whether you’re required to be searched or not is a huge factor to consider. Most of the time, you will simply need to drop off a sample.

If you can’t just drop it off, a small container in your pocket may work just fine.

Some people find that covering a container in heat packs and hiding it between the breasts or legs is an effective way to go.

What Do Urine Tests Normally Look For?

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to what drug screenings really look for. Normal drug screening does not search for or identify:

  • Prescription medications
  • Genetic data
  • Sex hormones
  • Health status

However, they do search for the following substances:

It is important to know as well that labs normally check for the following in each testing sample:

  • pH
  • Creatine
  • Urea
  • Temperature
  • Excessive nitrates
  • Specific gravity (density of the liquid)
  • Uric acid
  • Glutaraldehyde

Even if the sample contains all the correct components, the labs normally check for odor, color and foam as well. The trickiest part of using synthetic urine? Keeping the temperature just right.

How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Your urine has a maintained temperature of nearly 91 degrees, Fahrenheit.

The largest hump when figuring out how to pass a drug test is learning how to fake that temperature.

If it isn’t right, it can lead straight to failure or an uncomfortable investigation. But there are several ways to achieve the right temperature:

Solution 1: Channeling body heat is a great way to keep the synthetic urine at the right level. We recommend placing the sample in a portable, small container that can be tucked into your pants or even under the armpit.

Solution 2: Hand warmers are a great option as well. These small packets emit heat for up to 10 hours. You can simply wrap the hand warmer around your designated container. A good way to make sure you’ve got this right is to test it as home with test strips.

Solution 3: The microwave is also a good and quick option. This can be dodgy though, leaving the sample in too long can result in a destroyed or overheated sample. The most recommended amount of time is 10 second intervals until desired heat is achieved.

At home test kits, and many top rated synthetic urine kits come with a thermometer so you can test your handy work easily.

You will need to move quick if you’re employing any of these methods because if you’re caught faking a test, the consequences are hefty.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in my System?

This is a hard topic to truly overview. Research shows that it everyone is different depending on their general diet, exercise capacity and smoking habits.

The well-known conventional rule denotes a waiting time of 30 days, but that isn’t always enough.

Most studies show that chronic users need up to 60 days to get clean enough to pass a drug test.

Lighter pattern or occasional users can be clean in 4-5 days. Different patterns and unique biology makes for an extremely varied wait time.

Calculating a proper detection window becomes complex with these factors. Some chronic users were even tested clean at 13 days.

Good To Know: How Long Does Marijuana (THC) Stay in Your System?

If you’re unsure of how saturated your system is, we recommend buying a few at home drug tests for convenience.

Research Highlights

After finding the top 5 synthetic urine products, we decided it was time to slow research.

The findings were incredibly telling regardless of how hard it was to locate quality information about these brands.

We’ve noticed specific preferences that many customers have when it comes to this niche. The visual quality of the product is rated to be one of the most crucial factors.

Following this, the composition of the solution.

We have learned that drug tests are sophisticated and we cannot thoroughly estimate the amount of time it would take to detox.

They pick up on component differences quickly, so choosing a properly mixed product is key. We recommend a pre-made synthetic.

The Final Word

Post research and analysis of the findings, we recommend Monkey Whizz or The Lil Whizz kit. Each has included heating pads and convenient packaging.

When you’re panicked about how to pass a drug test, these synthetic products can relieve some stress.

Although we are close to moving fully away from anti-cannabis policy, we still have to submit to testing sometimes.

As technology improves we hope to see an increase in improved quick fix urine products. If the research intrigued you or if you have further questions, feel free to submit a comment.

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