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What is a Thai Stick and How to Make One

Liam on May 18, 2016 0 Comments

thai stick

what is thai stick

Looking for a new experience when it comes to smoking weed? First, you must be forewarned, once you take this journey you can never go back to your joints and small water pipes and look at them the same way again.

If you are ready to take a journey back to the 60’s, grab holds your hat and listen with caution.

Once you understand more about what a Thai stick is and how to make your own, you will become one with the weed and dazzle and amaze all your friends as a result.

If you are still ready, you have been warned, so let us take this trip to where it all began.

The History of the Thai Stick

Makes sense that the Thia stick was originally crafted in Thailand, popular back in the hippie days of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The Thai stick was a result of sticking extremely high-quality marijuana on to long skewers. Hemp fiber was used to bound the marijuana to the stalks to keep everything tight in place.

These long sticks were then dipped into opium, giving the marijuana a kick unlike any other weed on the planet.

The Thai stick of today, although similar is design, is no longer dipped in opium, it refers more to the marijuana bound to the stick and dipped in hash oil.

The hash oil will provide a more potent high from the stronger smoke.

Making Your Own Thai Stick

Unlike the days of the hippies, making your own Thai stick does not require you having an opium farm nearby.

That being said, if you want to enjoy the best weed smoking experience of your life, you have to be willing to put in the work up front.

Creating your very own Thai stick blunt requires some serious time because it can be quite complicated to make.

In time you will get better and faster at production, but regardless how long it takes from wrapping to smoking, it will be worth every minute of your time.

The entire blunt is going to be made from cannabis, and will only burn at about an inch per minute. That is a lot of hits from one blunt, especially if the party is small and intimate.

The Process for Making Your Thai Stick

1. Grab a hold of the fluffiest buds you have in your stash. The fluffiest buds work best, they are easier to pack and compress to the bamboo stick.

Fluffier buds also make it easier when you have to bind the buds. Don’t go for really dense buds or the smoke will be quite harsh.

2. Use hemp-line to bind the buds to the stick, this is important because when unwrapped you will not have to worry about your buds coming off on that line.

Bind the buds securely but not too tight. Wrap the stick in parchment and store in the refrigerator.

3. Leave in the refrigerator for a couple days, then remove that hemp-line from the bamboo stick.

The buds will stay in place on that stick without the string. Coat the buds with some cannabis oil, using a lighter to thin out the oil as applied.

Now start applying the first layer of cannabis leaves to that blunt, which basically takes the place of smoking paper or tobacco.

Keep wrapping the leaves around the stick, use oil to keep everything secure. Be generous with applying the oil but do not go overboard or the blunt will be dripping wet as you try smoking.

4. Continue to put the stick back in the refrigerator for a few days, then wet with oil, add more leaves, put back in the frig.

The goal here is to eventually create three layers of leaves, so this process is going to take you at least a week to finish.

Once you complete the third wrapping, place in parchment paper again and warm on a hot plate for just a couple seconds.

The hot plate will warm the oil and allow it to spread under the leaves for making the perfect seal.

5. In the last step, gather up your sticks and place them in a plastic bag to be buried under the ground somewhere.

They need to be at least three feet underground for a month, this allows the curing process to run its course.

This curing is going to deliver that taste you want while solidifying the blunt so it holds together while smoking.

Making your own Thai stick is certainly going to take practice and patience for sure. Once ready to smoke, slide out the stick from your blunt and you are good to go.

The void left by the stick makes the perfect venting system, providing a smooth smoke you will certainly enjoy.

Got some experience with Thai stick? Share it with others in the comments.

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