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How To Dab and What is Dabbing?

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Never let it be said that cannabis smokers are not innovators because they have discovered yet another way to get high by ingesting their weed in highly concentrated forms.

Known as dabbing, weed smokers will utilize butane oil to increase the potency in their hits.

The dab is nothing more than a hard wax-like concentration that is created by extracting the potent THC from the cannabis.

This THC, otherwise known as the active ingredient in weed that gets you stoned, is extracted from the marijuana utilizing butane gas to be the solvent. Extremists will also create the dabs with ice water or CO2.

This increasingly popular way to get high contains up to 80% of THC, more than even the typical cannabis flower contains.

How Does Dabbing Work?

The dab is usually smoked using a vaporizer pen or water pipe, to get the most effect from the powerful THC.

When smoking the dab with a water pipe, the blowtorch is used for preheating the surface which is commonly referred to as the nail.

This nail is made of either glass or titanium, and after properly heated, the concentrate is then dabbed onto the surface. The end result, the vapor that is given off can be inhaled for a powerful hit.

What Effects Result from Dabbing?

Dabbing is commonly referred to as the most efficient way to get a good buzz. Due in part to the extremely high concentration of the THC, only a very minute amount of BHO is needed to get the perfect high.

Many today refer to this process as the crack of smoking marijuana. Because of the high potency of THC, first-time smokers will get wasted quickly.

Recreational smokers will get a buzz unlike any, and those who smoke frequently will eventually develop a tolerance to the powerful after-effects.

Because of the extremely powerful punch, this smoking method is often left to the experienced.

Risks of Dabbing

The biggest risk that a person will have when they are dabbing is in the process of creating the BHO.

Many accidents have resulted from people trying to make this at home, and because that butane is extremely flammable, if you are not fully versed on the proper way to follow through, there is a significant risk of explosion or house fire as a result.

As far as the health effects, this type of smoking is still in its infancy and there have not been too much research conducted on the long-term negative effects of dabbing.

hand holding a dab

One study that was conducted by the University of Albany, showing that users can quickly develop a marijuana tolerance and suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms.

To contradict the research being conducted in Albany, the National Institutes of Health has released information stating that ingesting small amounts of the butane while dabbing does not pose any type of danger to the individual.

Dabbing is growing in popularity and allows users to get the biggest bang for their buck each time they want to get high.

The process is simple, the effects are quick, and the high is probably one of the better you will ever experience.

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