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White Strains – Everything You Ever Needed to Know About It

Liam on August 3, 2016 0 Comments

marijuana with white strains


white strains on marijuana plant

The white strain got its unique name due to the color of the finished buds, having come from an elite Florida strain.

Considered to be one to the elite cuts in terms of value and rarity, the potency is where this strain packs the biggest punch.

Today the white strain goes by many different names and is the one that is the most compared strain to other marijuana strains.

The unique blending of potency, flavor, looks, and high, is cloned by many growers who want to enjoy all the benefits of this strain.

The white strain developed the name because of the appearance of the buds when finished, and has no relation to similar names like a white widow.

Take a close look at the white strain and it appears normal buds have been dipped in confectionery sugar or white flour.

The Appearance of the White Strain

marijuana plant with white strains

The original name of the strain is called triangle, and this was due to the fact this strain is considered to be a three-way cross.

There is no truth to the rumors about the white strain getting the name due to the location.

Take one look at the white strain and it appears the dried flowers are caked in a powdery residue.

The line is very dominant in yield and structure and has a distinct aroma that can not be mistaken.

One deep whiff of the white and you get hash, pine, and lemon, in addition to some sweet flavors.

The entire strain has this kushy flavor to it, although it isn’t as sharp as most OGs. When the subject of flavor comes up, the white gives off this thick pine taste with a few hints of the kush spice.

The white strain is not particularly known for the flavor, it is high that draws in the crowds.


Take one large hit of the white strain and you will remember it for a long while. The smoke is expansive and thick, easily filling the chest and giving beginners reason to have coughing fits on the longer hits.

The user will know when they are smoking the white strain because it is strong right out of the gates.


marijuana bud with white strains

It smacks you in the face with a different brain and facial pressure changes then promote a warming sensation that slowly creeps up behind the user’s eyes.

It only takes about twenty minutes for the entire body to start buzzing. This strain will definitely keep you sedentary for a while, perfect for relaxing the spirit, body, and mind.


The perfect strain for those who want to alleviate pain or to put themselves in a relaxed state for sleeping.

The white strain has very strong physical and mental effects, anti-anxiety properties, and promotes pain relief.

The longer you smoke this strain, the more these properties tend to get heavier. While the white can tend to be a large feeder, it lacks when it comes to yield.

In order to maximize the harvest, it is recommended growers aggressively prune back the lower branches to maximize bud production.

The white strain does produce better than some other finicky OGs, so avoid the urge to start cutting early and just wait for those delicious white buds to fully blossom.

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